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Archive List Beginning May 27, 2010

Thu. 5/27

Chaos in Tejas
  • Crow (Japan), Wasted Time, Talk is Poison, Kyklooppein Sukupuutto (Finland), Nerveskade, Mind Eraser, Mother Of Mercy at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside, all ages]
  • X (Australia), The Spits, Ty Segall, Grass Widow, Wild Thing, Wild America at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [all ages]
  • Nobunny, Broken Gold, Heavy Cream, Simple Circuit at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
  • Kyklooppein Sukupuutto (Finland), Arctic Flowers (ex-Deathreat/Signal Lost/The Observers), The Altars at the Broken Neck [a] [m] [+] [2:30am, $5, all ages]
  • New York Night Train's Soul Clap & Dance Competition featuring Mr. Jonathan Toubin at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
  • Obliteration, Mammoth Grinder, Sonskull, art by Bryan Ray Turcotte and Winston Smith at the United States Art Authority (510 W. 29th St.) [+] [4-7pm, free]

Mindless, MyFistYourFace, Firing Squad at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+] [3pm, free]
Nu Scene Shuffle afterparty with Mind Eraser, Scapegoat, Viper, Men's Interest, Rival Mob, Obliteration, No Tolerance, Waste Management at ND (formerly the Independent at 501 Studios, 501 IH-35) [+] [2am-3:30am]
Dance party with The Get Down DJs - DJsG&B, J Edgar Groover, Phillip Bluntly, DJ Mike ZZ TopofthePops at Cheer Up Charlies (1104 E. 6th St., aka Ms. Bea's) [+] [10pm, free]
This Will Destroy You, The Life and Times, Low Line Caller at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Scala Dei, Tombstone Union at Elysium [a] [m] [+]
Fox and the Bird, Jacob Metcalf, The Migrant, The Loblolly Boy at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+] [9pm, $5]
Dash Rip Rock, Hickoids, Churchwood at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+]
Hot Boxers, De Los Muertos, Socialtes Ska, DJ Moonstomp, DJ Suavecito at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
The Coveters, Deadman at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
The Blood Royale, Unit 21, Ecocide, Humut Tabal at Lovejoys [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Power Squid, Lil Bobby Bleed, The Window Silhouette at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+]
Adrian & The Sickness, Darling New Neighbors, Rainbow Dragon at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+]
David Israel, Mermaid Blonde, Lost River/Old River at the Austin Moose Lodge #1735 [a] [m] [+]
Robert Cray, Alan Haynes at Antones [a] [m] [+]
The River Hymn, Awesome Death, Prodeus at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]
Spoiled Royals, We Are Charlamagne at Headhunter's Cannibal Stage (back patio) [+]
Jordan Grow, Northern Paradox, White Widow, Chasca, Better Part Of Valor at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Fri. 5/28

Chaos in Tejas
  • Bastard (Japan), Walls, Subhumans (England), Rival Mob, The Marked Men, Kim Phuc, Vaaska at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside, all ages]
  • The Ponys, A-Frames, Jeff the Brotherhood, Woven Bones, Heavy Cream at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, all ages]
  • Cowabunga Babes, Ume at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside]
  • Wasted Time, Nerveskade, Acid Reflux, Scapegoat, Hatred Surge at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [day show, 3pm, 21+]
  • The Riverboat Gamblers (performing "Something to Crow About"), Bloodbath and Beyond, Airfix Kits, True Widow at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [night show, 21+]
  • Saviours, Toxic Holocaust, Gehenna, Ashdautas, Acephalix at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [outside]
  • Iron Age, The Roller at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [inside]
  • World Burns to Death, Slang (Japan) at the Broken Neck [a] [m] [+] [after 2am, all ages]
  • Katey Red, Vockah Redu, Prince Klassen, DJ D. Lefty Parker, DJ Twerk at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]

X (Australia), Ty Segall, Brilliant Colors, Ratas del Vaticano at the United States Art Authority (510 W. 29th St.) [+] [2pm, free]
Linus Pauling Quartet, ST37 (split 7" release), Book of Shadows at Cheer Up Charlies (1104 E. 6th St., aka Ms. Bea's) [+]
Return to Planet 9 (80's new wave/darkwave) with DJ Roger Wilson at Elysium [a] [m] [+]
A Soul Happening at Club Deville [a] [m] [+]
Lester Roy & Papa Smurf, Cali Zack, Gerald G, Crew54, Die Slo, Coota Bang, Magno, JDawg, DJ Aspekt, DJ Wes Sanders at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Nohow On, Introverb at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+]
Outlaw Nation, Deals Gone Bad at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
The Eastern Sea, Hotel Hotel, Robert Ellis & From Where They Run at the Parish [a] [m] [+] [8pm, all ages]
Black Cock, Magnet School, Exeter at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
Parking, We the Granada, Tornahdo at Encore [a] [m] [+]
Greatest American Heroes, Invincible Czars at the Carousel Lounge [a] [m] [+]
You and Me at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+] [free, all ages]
The Rusticators, Mike McCoy (from The Service Industry) at the Poodle Dog Lounge (6507 Burnet Rd.) [+] [10pm]
Doug Morrison, East TX Kings at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]
Suicide Pistols at Headhunter's Cannibal Stage (back patio) [+]
Lost Element, Porifera, Manic Mongrel, The Jalapeno Heads at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+] [outside]
A Letter Of Warning, Banner Year, Bassline Bums, Alvin & The Chipmunks at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Sat. 5/29

Chaos in Tejas
  • Iron Lung, Acephalix at Thunderbird Coffee on Manor (2200 Manor Rd.) [+] [10am]
  • Kim Phuc, Twin Stumps, Manikin at End of an Ear [a] [m] [+] [starts at 4pm, free, all ages]
  • Ghost Knife, The Novice (members of Marked Men), Mind Spiders (members of Marked Men), Teenage Cool Kids at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+] [4pm, free, all ages]
  • Crow (Japan), Waste Management, Axeman, Night Siege at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [day show, 21+]
  • Poison Idea, The Pist, Slang (Japan), Morpheme, Wild Things, La Urss (Spain), Deskonocidos at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside, all ages]
  • Inquisition (Colombia), Bone Awl, Volahn, Twin Stumps, Viper at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside, all ages]
  • Quintron and Miss Pussycat, Box Elders, Psychedelic Horseshit, Ratas Del Vaticano (Mexico), Fungi Girls at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, all ages]
  • Fergus & Geronimo, Brilliant Colors at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside]
  • Lion Of Judah, Airfix Kits, Young Livers, Stick Together, Shanghai River at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [free, all ages]
  • Salted City, You People, Hot-Rails To Hell at the Broken Neck [a] [m] [+] [2:30am]
  • Walls, Kim Phuc at The Independent (at 501 Studios, 501 IH-35) [+] [2am]

DJ Nu-Mark (Jurassic 5), DJ Mel at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+]
2nd annual hc/punk/indie record swap at the Broken Neck [a] [m] [+] [10am-6pm, free to browse, $5 to carry in a box]
Bassnectar, HAJ (Sub Swara/nyxyss), DJ Manny at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm doors]
Red Leaves, The Fever Dreams, Lean Hounds, Obsolete Machines at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Largest Robot Dance - Guinness Book world record attempt with Zeale, Built by Snow, The Seas, Stereo is a Lie, Red Falcon, Wave Hands Like Clouds, DJ Czech One, Baconator at ND (formerly the Independent at 501 Studios, 501 IH-35) [+] [8pm, $5 with RSVP, free drinks]
Bombasta, Afrofreque at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Love at 20, Mouse Fire, Mixed Use Media at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
Indigo Girls at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+]
The Bassturd, Os Ovni at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+] [free, all ages]
Robert Ellis, Fair Weather Watchers, The Lovely Sparrows at Flipnotics [+] [8pm]
Honky, American Graveyard, The Devil Rides at Trophy's [a] [m] [+]
Hoodrats, Blood for the Master, The Butts, F-Bomb, Scrabble Robot at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]
Super Hero/Super Villain, Radio Fallout at Headhunter's Cannibal Stage (back patio) [+]
Man Made Fire, Vegas Bomb, The Jackals, Complex By Nature, Tex Offenders at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Sun. 5/30

Chaos in Tejas
  • Tim Kerr's Art Opening/Closing Show with music by Attack Formation at End of an Ear [a] [m] [+]
  • Stoned at Heart, Fungi Girls, Wild America at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+] [4pm, free]
  • Rorschach, Bastard Noise (Wood, Connell & Nelson), Morne, Gehenna, GIVE, Mammoth Grinder at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside, all ages]
  • Bone Awl, Ashdautas, Arizmenda, Endless Humiliation at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside, all ages]
  • Subhumans (England), Cross Stitched Eyes, Mata Mata, Criaturas at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [day show, 21+]
  • The Marked Men, Toys that Kill, Brilliant Colors, Young Offenders, The Hex Dispensers at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [night show, 21+]

Brutal Juice, Invincible Czars at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
The Modern Don Juans, The Ripe (record release), The Happen-Ins, Le Heavy Pets, Radar Radar at Club Deville [a] [m] [+] [4pm]
Sip Sip, Focus Group, For Hours and Ours, Diamonds (final show) at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [6pm]
Tribal Nation, D-Madness at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
The Church of the Friendly Ghost presents The Able Sea, Iraan at the Salvage Vanguard Theater [a] [m] [+] [9:30pm, $5]
White Tony and the Unfamous String Busters at the Parlor [a] [m] [+] [9pm, free]
Music Lab/Raw Deal Battle Of The Bands 13 with Fierce Evolution, Gravelwhip at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]

Mon. 5/31

Rock and Roll Karaoke at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Dale Watson & his Lone Stars at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+]
Jonathan Horne plus special guests at the Austin Moose Lodge #1735 [a] [m] [+]
The Fotoelectric Effect, The Love It Band, Bee Sting Sessions at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Tue. 6/1

Murs, Sick Jacken, Nocando at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Plants and Animals, Lost in the Trees at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Daniel Francis Doyle, Bottle Service, Palit, Jetu, Seth Sherman at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Jonathan Terrell, Whiskey Priest at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Cottonwood, Sick, Seraph, Black Topanga at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
The Hooch, Toybox (Phoenix), Groovin Hig at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Wed. 6/2

Bottle Service, The Resistables at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+] [free]
Pestilence, Goatwhore, Warbringer, Vital Remains, Enfold Darkness, Revocation, Sacrificial Slaughter at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Awol One, Dark Time Sunshine, Freshmillions, Custodian at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside]
The Thax Douglas Show with Ripe, Literature, Prizzy Prizzy Please, Spokesmen at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Strangers, InAeona (Boston), Baron Grod, Northern Paradox at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Ana Egge, Colin Gilmore, Seela at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
ila Mawana, Mau Mau Chaplains at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Mishka, Don Chani at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
The Sensational Fibs at Charlie's (1301 Lavaca St.) [+] [9pm]
Nicaragua, For Want Of at the Parlor [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Yele, Jen Korte & The Loss (Denver), Aimee Mac, Sara Joyner at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Thu. 6/3

Voxtrot (farewell show), Cry Blood Apache, International Waters at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Stunts, The Carrots, The Bubbles at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Follow That Bird! (tour kickoff), Dikes of Holland, Soft Healer, Melissa Bryan at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Peligrosa All-Stars at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [green room deck]
Slick Idiot (members of KMFDM), Mona Mur, The Future Process, Sleep Now Yes at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Bad Sports, Crusaders of Love, The Fleshlights, Ex Humans (ex-Carbonas) at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Hot Sh!t Summer Series (part 1 of 4) with TAKE (Los Angeles), Mexicans With Guns, John Gomi, Soundfounder, Reaganometry, Multi-tracker, Miss Manners (happy hour, 7pm-9pm), hosted by Butcher Bear at Club Deville [a] [m] [+] [doors at 9pm, 18+, $5 over/$8 under]
Squidbucket, Bombing Stassney, Legion of Air at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Persian Wars, The Night, Ledaswan at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
The Service Industry, Buttercup at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+]
Amy Cook at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Northern Paradox, The Town Hall Devils at the Carousel Lounge [a] [m] [+] [9pm, free, 21+]
JD Souther, Erin Ivey at St. David's Episcopal Church (301 E. 8th St.) [+] [8pm]
Sell You Beautiful, Plebian, Greg Vendetti Band, Sky City Band, Skinny Jims at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Fri. 6/4

Pride Weekend Extravaganza with Pansy Division, Magnifico, Butcher Bear and Charlie, Orgasm Addicts (Buzzcocks cover band), DJs Hey Homo! at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Sin Orden (from Chicago), Hatred Surge, Naw Dude, Criaturas, Esclavo at the Broken Neck [a] [m] [+]
Babydick, Candi and the Cavities, Safeword at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+]
Blood Royale, You People, Me vs. Everybody, Hot Rails to Hell at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Midlake, John Grant at Antones [a] [m] [+]
Kid Sister, Riders Against the Storm, Perseph One, Mic Skills, DJs the Get Right Kids at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 9pm]
Royal Forest, Caddywhompus at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 11:30pm]
Soundcheck magazine presents Givers, TV Torso, Searching for Signal at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Hobbits of the Shire, Eagle Claw, Tia Carrera, Woodgrain at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Ex-VoTo, Chant, The Holocaust Humanity at Elysium [a] [m] [+]
Full Service, Subrosa Union, Apostrophe at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Ryan Scroggins & the Trenchtown Texans at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
The New Time, Like Trains & Taxis, Sweetmeat at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
The Sideshow Tragedy, Guy Forsyth at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+]
The Long Tangles, Miss Moonlight at the Parlor [a] [m] [+] [9pm, free]
A Three Gallon Sea, She Craves, Matches For Memories, Stars Collide, Scarlet's Eyes at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Sat. 6/5

Neil Young (solo), Bert Jansch at Bass Concert Hall [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Melvins, Totimoshi at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
White Ghost Shivers, Hoodrats, The Negatives, Blood For Master at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Cro-Mags, Municipal Waste, Iron Age, RatKing, Seeker at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
4 Elements of Hip Hop with Mic Skills, Tee Double, Tray God, Zeale, Cali Zack, Swift, MSG Crew, Phranchyze, Crew 54, Dubb Sicks, Blacklisted Individuals, Brooks City, DJs Boris, Hannibal, Rapid Ric, Orion, Tako at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Zoltars (CD release), Dikes of Holland, The Stuffies at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Greg Laswell, Brian Wrightm Jimmy Gnecco at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm doors]
Giant Steps Productions presents Proper Detour, Mixed Use Media, DJ Digg, Real Book Fake Book, Dubbel Dutch at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
El Tule, Huerta Culture at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Slowtrain, Adam Faucett, William Blackart, Aaron Sinclair (from Frank Smith) at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
We'll Go Machete, The Non, She Sir at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+]
Homoscope Benefit Dance Party with smttnClub 1808 [a] [m] [+]
The Whiptails at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+]
Scott H. Biram, The Midnight Ghost Train, The Dirty Charley Band at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Sun. 6/6

MGMT, Tame Impala at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm doors]
The Clouds are Ghosts at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 10pm]
Obituary, Pack of Wolves, Hod, Mammoth Grinder at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Friendo, Yourself and the Air, Honey and Salt at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Sugar and Gold, Neiliyo at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Romulus Ate at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Sonny & the Sunsets, Wes Coleman III, A Giant Dog, Light Me Up at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Music Lab/Raw Deal Battle Of The Bands 13 with Bayou City Outlaw Band, From Sky To Center at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]

Mon. 6/7

Truth and Salvage Co. at Waterloo Records [a] [m] [+] [5pm, free]
101x Homegrown Live with Neon Indian, S U R V I V E, Cry Blood Apache at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Rock and Roll Karaoke at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Truth & Salvage Co. at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
The Crazies Will Destroy You, Bad Micky Ficky, Denfield Drive at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Tue. 6/8

LCD Soundsystem, Holy Ghost! at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 5:30pm doors]
Ambush!, Continuance, Lions Lions, Killing in Apathy, DSGNS, Head Crusher at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
The Juan Maclean at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
Miike Snow, Delorean at Antones [a] [m] [+]
The Crazies Will Destroy You at the Parlor [a] [m] [+] [9pm, free]
Nekrist, Your Mom's Pig Squeal, Black Tuesday at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Wed. 6/9

Nneka at Waterloo Records [a] [m] [+] [noon, free, free pizza]
Nas, Damian Marley at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm doors]
RAS (Riders Against the Storm) at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 10pm]
From the Mind of Adi with the Frontier Brothers, Seaholm Electric, Invisible Inks at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Cry Blood Apache at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Birdpipe Entertainment presents The Greenery, Thieves, Bonnie Blue, Alphanumeric at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Cry Blood Apache, Literature, The Zoltars, The Act Rights at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+] [free]
Woodsman at Cheer Up Charlies (1104 E. 6th St., aka Ms. Bea's) [+]
Mumford & Sons, The Middle East at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+]
Split Lip Rayfield at Antones [a] [m] [+]
Sabbath Crow, Midnight Ghost Train, Life's, Holly Would at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]
Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, Solomatics, Introverb, Dale Leroy Perry at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Goo Goo Dolls at the Austin Music Hall [a] [m] [+]
Thu. 6/10

Buzzcocks, The Dollyrots at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside]
The Yuppie Pricks at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Peligrosa All-Stars at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [green room deck]
ISO Benefit with the Crack Pipes, Shapes Have Fangs at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Western Ghost House, Lafayette, New Roman Times at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+]
Screaming Females, Yellow Fever, Broken Gold, Cowabunga Babes at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [late show, inside]
The Stampede, The Riot Scene, Revenants, Searcher at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [early show, inside, doors at 5pm]
Reverend Horton Heat, Cracker, Legendary Shack Shakers at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 6:30pm doors]
Gods are Ghosts, Fatback Circus, Black Magic Kit at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
Burly Boys at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
The Noon Times, Chemical Noose, Tom Gun, Regulation Size at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Fri. 6/11

Adaje (Memphis), Close To Me (Memphis), Oriana Raeo, Franko Nero at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+] [7pm]
The Twilight Sad, The Calm Blue Sea at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Thao and Mirah With The Most of All at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Shellshag, Dude Jams, Shanghai River, The Latest at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Birdpipe Entertainment presents "Sleep is For Babies" Tour Kickoff with Falsetta, Newlywed, Surrounded by Monsters at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [matinee show]
The White Hotel, Sundress, Sad Accordians, Milk Thistle at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [late show]
Return to Planet 9 (80's new wave/darkwave) with DJ Roger Wilson at Elysium [a] [m] [+]
McLemore Avenue, Wendy Colonna (CD release), Bruce James, Jennifer Sullivan at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
Dale Watson & his Lone Stars at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+]
Honky, Chili Cold Blood, American Graveyard, Whiskey Dick at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Sat. 6/12

GBH, Lower Class Brats, Krum Bums, Outernational at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Eddy Current Suppression Ring (Australia), Hex Dispensers, Fergus & Geronimo at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Anal Cunt, Contact High Fives at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
War Master, The Roller, Mass Grave, Fuck Work at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Los Skarnales, Debauche at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
J.D. Emmanuel, Nick Hennies at Baby Blue Studios (1522 E. 12th St., near Comal) [+] [8pm]
Guns of Navarone, Austin Collins, Graham Weber at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
T Bird & The Breaks at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+]
Eric Tessmer, Amplified Heat, Tia Carrera at Antones [a] [m] [+]
The Sons Of Hercules, New Disaster, Gentlemen's Social Club, Shotgun Rebels at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Sun. 6/13

Primal Fear, Havok, Ignitor at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Hawthorne Heights, The Audition, The Story Changes, Thieves at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Glamazon Warriors, Planets at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Fire From the Gods (tour kickoff), Society's Plague, Let the Dead (tour kickoff), A Day of Reckoning, The Brigade at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
The Wild Complete (AZ) at the Parlor [a] [m] [+] [9pm, free]

Mon. 6/14

Lou Barlow at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Harper Blynn at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Rock and Roll Karaoke at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Tue. 6/15

Sage Francis, Free Moral Agents, B. Dolan at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 10pm]
Wreckless Eric, Amy Rigby at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 11pm]
Shearing Pinx, Nu Sensae, Cruddy, Sewn Leather at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
MeWithoutYou, Paper Route, Rubik at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Manatee Tights at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Wed. 6/16

Air Traffic Controllers, Rayon Beach, Vanished Clan at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+] [free]
Seeker, Naw Dude, One Against Many, Losing Grip, Divide at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
MC Chris, MC Lars ft. YTCracker, Math the Band at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside, late show]
Scale the Summit, DSGNS at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside, early show, 5pm doors]
Dreadneck Nite with The Mau Mau Chaplains, Stop the Truck at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+] [free]
6 Sons of a Gun at Charlie's (1301 Lavaca St.) [+] [9pm]
Thu. 6/17

Wild America, The Pharmacy (WA), Criaturas, Ra Ra at House of Guys (1907 Rio Grande) [+] [8pm, all ages, byob, donations accepted]
Comanche Club, Quin Galavis at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
A Corpse Vanishes, Livends, Sober Daze, Dead Reckoning, Shitty Advice at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
SPEAK, The Frontier Brothers, The Eastern Sea, Marmalakes at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Peligrosa All-Stars at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [green room deck]
Every Avenue, Sing It Loud, The Secret Handshake, There For Tomorrow at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Fri. 6/18

Tokyo Police Club (performance), Passion Pit (signing) at Waterloo Records [a] [m] [+] [6pm, free]
Carolina Chocolate Drops at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Passion Pit, Tokyo Police Club, Brahms at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm doors]
Paper Shapes at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 11:30pm]
Raekwon, Question, Crew 54, Riders Against The Storm at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside, late show]
Big Balls (AC/DC tribute), Hot Rails to Hell, Hot Crush at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside, late show]
Hit the Lights, Thieves, The Riot Scene, For Hours and Ours at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [early show, 5pm]
Uptown Bums, Ra-Ra at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Madchester presents Depeche Mode vs. The Cure Tribute Night with DJs AsuraSunil & Synthmaster at Elysium [a] [m] [+]
Roots Revealers at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
King Fisher, San Saba County, The Midgetmen at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
Cowboy Junkies at One World Theater (7701 Bee Caves Rd.) [+] [two shows, 7pm and 9:30pm]
The Bodeans at Antones [a] [m] [+]
As Luck Would Have It, Oak Is Keeping, Rooftop Vigilantes (Lawrence, KS), Satellite Soldiers at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Sat. 6/19

Daniel Johnston at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, Cold Mold, Starring at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Tiny Vipers, Sleep Over, Lost River/Old River at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Prayer for Animals, The Blind Pets, The Couch, The Astronaut Suit, Holy Wave at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Concrete Blonde (performing Bloodletting), Jim Bianco at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 8pm doors]
Zoroaster, Black Tusk, Dark Castle, Lions of Tsavo at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Passion Pit, Tokyo Police Club, Brahms at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm doors]
The Heavy Pets at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 11:30pm]
Channel One, The Bandulus, Viet Ruse, DJ Maddie Ruthless at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Hollywood Gossip, Sally Crewe and the Sudden Moves, One Hundred Flowers at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
High Watt Crucifixers, Bexar County Bastards, Duke, Killa Maul at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Sun. 6/20

The Prids, Soft Tags at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Alone Together at Beerland [a] [m] [+]

Mon. 6/21

Matt Pond PA, Wintersleep at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Slang (Japan), World Burns to Death, Unit 21, Criaturas at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Rock and Roll Karaoke at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Tue. 6/22

Octaves, DSGNS, Divide at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
OBN IIIs at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Wed. 6/23

From the Mind of Adi with Frontier Brothers, Tow the Line, Shallows A.D. at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Monkey Town at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Mindless, more TBA at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+] [free]
Dreadneck Nite with The Mau Mau Chaplains, Stop the Truck at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+] [free]
DC Fallout(Los Angeles), Carnival Of Music at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Thu. 6/24

Ratking, Blunt Force Trauma at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Bad Sports, The Creationists, The Wiccans, Women in Prison, Dikk Sexxx & the Weepy Teen at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Love at 20, Milk Thistle at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Peligrosa All-Stars at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [green room deck]
The Spiritual Bat (Italy), Hipnautica, Sullen Serenade, DJ Subspace Freakquency at Elysium [a] [m] [+]
Soul Track Mind, Ethan Kennedy and The Fat Cats, The Brimmers at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
She Sir, Past & Future (SF) at Spiderhouse [+] [8pm]
Days Of The New, Language Room, Naked Empire at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Fri. 6/25

Benefit for Alex Arizpe with Shaft, Blueprint (reunion), Latch Key Kids, The Tie That Binds, Pretty Boys, LJ All-Stars at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Wheels on Fire at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Pocahaunted, Headdress, Soft Healer at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside, late show]
Haste the Day, Mychildren Mybride, Upon a Burning Body, Set Aflame at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside, early show, 5pm]
Orbit Service (Denver, CO), The Dry Season, Cry Blood Apache at Elysium [a] [m] [+]
Quiet Company, Oh No Oh My, Royal Forest, Courrier at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
Athlete, Carney at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
For The Most Part, Banner Year, Time & Distance (Charleston, WV), From Sky To Center at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Sat. 6/26

Damien Jurado, Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground at Club Deville [a] [m] [+]
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, DJ Maseo, Nottz, DJ Harry Chronic Jr., DJ Jeff Jupiter at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Health, Indian Jewelry, Gold Panda, Computer Jesus Refrigerator at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Passafire, Tin Can Phone, Ashes of Babylon at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
The Tiny Tin Hearts, Salesman at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
The Pons, Stereo is a Lie, Wiretree, Search for Signal at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
The Mother Truckers (CD release), Mickey and the Motorcars at Antones [a] [m] [+]
Lug, Scraps Of Life, Exit The Sun, I4NI, Shadow Spectrum at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Sun. 6/27

Dead Meadow at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
My Empty Phantom at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Birdpipe Entertainment presents Bonnie Blue, Myka Relocate, We Are Defiance and more at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [matinee show]
Texas Rollergirls Afterparty at Beerland [a] [m] [+]

Mon. 6/28

Jeremy Jay at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Boyce Avenue, Tamar Kaprelian at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Rock and Roll Karaoke at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Tue. 6/29

The Buzzkillers, Say Hello To Angels, Murder Majesty (Las Vegas), Burning Heads (France), Expiration Unknown at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Mike and the Moonpies at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Wed. 6/30

The Psychedelic Furs, She Wants Revenge at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Peter Wolf Crier, Light Pollution at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Autons, Gas Mask Attire, Curse The Heavens at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+] [free]
Thu. 7/1

Capitalist Kids, Monkeytown, Down Syndrome (San Antonio), Bad Antics (CA) at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+] [7pm, all ages, byob, donations accepted]
Distance Runner (EP release), The Great Nostalgic, La Snacks, DJ sets by Team Fabrication at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+]
Death is Not a Joyride, The Non at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Peligrosa All-Stars at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [green room deck]
Andrew Jackson Jihad, Look Mexico (Acoustic Set), Jesse Moore & the East Cameron Folkcore at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Fri. 7/2

Built by Snow, Whitman, After Dark at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Project Pitchfork, Ayria (Toronto), Lust Murder Box at Elysium [a] [m] [+]
Sounds Under Radio, Naked Empire, Red Line Chemistry, The Early Republic at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Everclear at The Marchesa Hall & Theatre [+]
Sat. 7/3

Thieves (CD release) at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [early show]
Sun. 7/4

Willie Nelson's 4th of July Picnic with Asleep at the Wheel, Billy Joe Shaver, David Allen Coe, Jack Ingram, Jamey Johnson, Kris Kristofferson, Leon Russell, Paula Nelson, Randy Rogers Band, Ray Price, Ray Wylie Hubbard, more TBA at the The Backyard at Bee Cave [a] [m] [+] [doors 11am]

Tue. 7/6

Wild America, Knifey Spooney (Oakland), Literature at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+] [7pm, all ages, byob, donations accepted]
Cage at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Islands, Steel Phantoms at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Wed. 7/7

Thrice, Kevin Devine, Bad Veins, The Dig at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Hod, Gravehill, Cardiac Arrest, Birth A.D. at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Thu. 7/8

Leopold and His Fiction at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Ashers (ex-Unseen), Disaster Strikes at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Kinch, Fulton Read, Isle of White at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Fri. 7/9

MOTO, Midnight Creeps at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Steel Train, Young the Giant at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
DJ Doc Martin, DJ Czech One, Adam Warped at Elysium [a] [m] [+]
Sat. 7/10

Lightning Bolt, Indian Jewelry, Guardians at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside]
The Clouds are Ghosts at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 11:30pm]
Bob Log III, Molly Gene One Whoaman Band, The Jungle Rockers at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Sun. 7/11

Nekromantix, The Howlers, The Mutilators at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]

Mon. 7/12

Scott Lucas and the Married Men at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Tue. 7/13

Girlfriends, Cowabunga Babez, Literature at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+]
Wed. 7/14

Forever the Sickest Kids, The Ready Set, The Scene Aesthetic, Phone Calls From Home, A Cursive Memory at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Fri. 7/16

Mind of Adi presents Send Blackholicus to London Fundraiser with Blackholicus, Capricorn USA (Motorhead tribute) at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Indofin, The Buzzkillers, Under The Gun, Root Dimension Reggae at Encore [a] [m] [+]
Sat. 7/17

The Octopus Project at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Terror, Grave Maker, Foundation, Naysayer, Bitter End at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Delta Spirit, David Vandervelde, The Romany Rye at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Nathaniel Rateliff at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Sun. 7/18

Futurebirds at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Drop Dead Gorgeous, From First To Last, Attila, Abandon All Ships, For All Those Sleeping, Scarlett O'Hara, Woe Is Me at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Language Room, Courrier, Ill Pastel at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]

Mon. 7/19

Silversun Pickups, Against Me, The Henry Clay People at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm doors]
Streelight Manifesto, The Supervillains, The Wonder Years, Dan Potthast at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Tue. 7/20

Black Skies at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Wed. 7/21

Teenage Bottlerocket, Banner Pilot, JT Habersaat & the Altercation Punk Comedy Tour, The Sweethearts at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Thu. 7/22

Phosphorescent at ND (formerly the Independent at 501 Studios, 501 IH-35) [+]
Summer Slaughter Tour with Decapitated, The Faceless, All Shall Perish, The Red Chord, Veil of Maya, Cephalic Carnage, Decrepit Birth, Carnifex, Animals as Leaders, Vital Remains, local bands TBA at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside and outside stages]
Fri. 7/23

The New Pornographers, Dodos, Imaad Wasif at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm doors]
Sat. 7/24

Stereo is a Lie, The Midgetmen, Melogrand, Elevated Lines, Red Falcon, One Hundred Flowers, Dead Black Hearts at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [6pm]
Lydia, The Rocketboys, Deas Vail at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
LoveHateHero, The Venitia Fair, Young and Devine at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]

Mon. 7/26

Maps & Atlases, Cults, The Globes at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Robert Plant and the Band of Joy at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm]
Tue. 7/27

The Go-Go's at the Paramount Theater [a] [m] [+] [7pm doors]
Silverstein, Emery, I Set My Friends on Fire, Dance Gavin Dance, Sky Eats Airplane, Ivoryline, Close to Home at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Wed. 7/28

Boris, Russian Circles at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Rosetta, City of Ships, DSGNS at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Ceremony, Punch, Tigers Jaw, The Sidekicks, Mindless at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Thu. 7/29

Hunx and his Punx, Kid Congo at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [free]
Sat. 7/31

Maneja Beto at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Bowling for Soup, The Dollyrots, Holy Moly at the Parish [a] [m] [+]

Mon. 8/2

Melissa Etheridge at Bass Concert Hall [a] [m] [+]
Tue. 8/3

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, Pearl Harbor, Magic Kids at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
The Devil Wears Prada, Miss May I, Your Demise at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Goodnight Loving at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Wed. 8/4

Crowded House, Lawrence Arabia at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 7pm doors]
Here We Go Magic, Beach Fossils, Curfew at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
The Devil Wears Prada, Miss May I, Your Demise at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Thu. 8/5

Soilwork, Death Angel, Augury, Mutiny Within, Swashbuckle at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Fri. 8/6

Rasputina at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Sat. 8/7

Ty Segall, The Baths, The Hex Dispensers, A Giant Dog at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Off With Their Heads at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]

Tue. 8/10

The Carrots, Eux Autres at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Veara, Go Action Team at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Cyndi Lauper at the Paramount Theater [a] [m] [+]
Wed. 8/11

Ozomatli at Waterloo Records [a] [m] [+] [5pm, free]
Hard Summer Tour with Crystal Castles, Sinden, Destructo at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 5pm doors]
Fri. 8/13

Christopher Cross at One World Theater (7701 Bee Caves Rd.) [+] [two shows, 7pm and 9:30pm]

Wed. 8/18

BOATS!, Enlow at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
The Maine, This Century at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Fri. 8/20

The Wooden Birds, Dan Mangan at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Natalie Merchant at the Paramount Theater [a] [m] [+] [7pm doors]

Tue. 8/24

Chromeo, Holy Ghost at Stubb's [a] [m] [+]
Sat. 8/28

Ween at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm doors]
Rooney at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]

Tue. 8/31

Arlo & the Otter at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Fri. 9/3

Crooked Fingers at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Rodrigo y Gabriela at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm doors]
Sat. 9/4

Stereo Total at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]

Fri. 9/17

Shonen Knife at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Citizen Cope at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm doors]
Sat. 9/18

Citizen Cope at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm doors]

Wed. 9/29

Field Music at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Street Dogs, Devil's Brigade, Flatfoot 56, Continental at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [early show, starts at 7pm]
Fri. 10/1

Katatonia, Swallow the Sun, Orphaned Land at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Suzanne Vega at One World Theater (7701 Bee Caves Rd.) [+] [two shows, 7pm and 9:30pm]

Fri. 10/8

Austin City Limits Festival with Phish, The Strokes, Spoon, Vampire Weekend, Sonic Youth, The Black Keys, Broken Bells, Beach House, The Sword, Girls, The Soft Pack, The Mountain Goats, Those Darlins, many more at Zilker Park [+]
Sat. 10/9

Austin City Limits Festival with Muse, M.I.A., LCD Soundsystem, Monsters of Folk, Deadmau5, Gogol Bordello, Matt & Kim, The xx, The Temper Trap, Local Natives, Lucero, Bear in Heaven, David Bazan, The Very Best, Balmorhea, many more at Zilker Park [+]
Sun. 10/10

Austin City Limits Festival with The Eagles, Flaming Lips, Norah Jones, Band of Horses, The National, Yeasayer, Portugal. The Man, Devendra Banhart, Gayngs, Richard Thompson, Midlake, Foals, The Morning Benders, SPEAK, many more at Zilker Park [+]

Wed. 10/20

Immolation, Vader, Abigail Williams, Pathology, Lecherous Nocturne at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]

Thu. 10/28

Powerman 5000 at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]

Sat. 11/6

Fun Fun Fun Fest with lineup TBA at Waterloo Park (1301 Trinity St.) [+]
Sun. 11/7

Fun Fun Fun Fest with lineup TBA at Waterloo Park (1301 Trinity St.) [+]

Sat. 11/20

Nile, Ex Deo, Psycroptic, Keep of Kalessin, Pathology at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]

Thu. 12/2

Forbidden, Evile, Gama Bomb, Bonded By Blood at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]

Sun. 12/12

Epica, Scar Symmetry, Blackguard, Mutiny Within at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]