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Archive List Beginning July 22, 2010

Thu. 7/22

Phosphorescent at ND (formerly the Independent at 501 Studios, 501 IH-35) [+]
Raw Nerves (Portland), Genesis Climber (Oakland), Chest Pain, Night Siege, Recide at the Broken Neck [a] [m] [+] [7pm-10pm, $6]
Coma in Algiers, John Wesley Coleman, Followed By Static, The Formation (members of Attack Formation) at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Drink Up Buttercup, Stella Rose, Hanna Barbarians at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 10pm]
Headroom with Dubbel Dutch, Orion at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [green room deck, 10pm]
Tassels, Sally Crew and the Sudden Moves, Ledeswan, The Night, Post Society at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Summer Slaughter Tour
  • Decapitated, The Faceless, All Shall Perish, The Red Chord, Veil of Maya, Cephalic Carnage, Decrepit Birth, Carnifex, Animals as Leaders, Vital Remains at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
  • Indisgust, Falsetta, Disfigured, Killing in Apathy, Necrowolf at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]

Carbon Theory, Low Technicians, Dubnautica, DJ Void, DJ Gnome at Elysium [a] [m] [+]
Soultrack Mind, Carlton Pride & Zion at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Scott Reynolds and the Steaming Beast, Militant Babies at Lovejoys [a] [m] [+] [10pm]
Oh No Oh My, New Roman Times, End Wave at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
The Frontier Brothers, Prayer For Strangers at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [free]
Mike and the Moonpies (CD release), Flatcar Rattlers, Leo Rondeau at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+]
Naysays, Keith Moody & My Band, Hector Ward & the Big Time at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Jonathan Tyler and The Northern Lights, American Bang, Black Bone Child at Antones [a] [m] [+]
Popolio Showcase at the Parlor [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Ian 'Mac' McLagan & The Bump Band at the Lucky Lounge (209 W. 5th St.) [+] [6-8pm]
Reverend Glasseye, A Hero en Route, Kevin Ball & the Busters at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]
Shadows Entwined, Forced to Genocide at Headhunter's Cannibal Stage (back patio) [+]
Ross Pat Band, When Words Attack, Powered X Indifference, The New, Midnight Riot at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Fri. 7/23

Serious Tracers, Slang Chicken, French Inhales at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+]
The New Pornographers, Dodos, Imaad Wasif at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm doors]
Bad Sports, Bass Drum of Death, Fleshlights, John Wesley Coleman at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
The Young (LP release), Genesis Climber (Oakland), Dikes of Holland, Cruddy at 2908 Cole St. [9pm, all ages, byob]
TV Torso, The Gary, Martin Crane (of Brazos) at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 10pm]
Landmine Marathon, The Brigade at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
My Education, Gifts from Enola (VA) at Club Deville [a] [m] [+]
The Happen-Ins, Parson Red Heads (Los Angeles), Holy Rolling Empire (Tucson) at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Josh Scogin (of the Chariot), A Rose By Any Other Name, Ryan Hegefeld (of No Such Thing), Colby James (of Brother/Ghost) at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside, early show, 5pm doors]
Chaos And Terror C/A/T at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+]
Nomanom, Os Ovni, Rayon Beach, Shittn Kittnz at Rancho Relaxo (3402 Merrie Lynn) [+] [8pm, free, byob]
We Landed on the Moon, Mobley at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
Thunderosa, Oklahomos, Hit & Run at Encore [a] [m] [+] [outside]
420 Magazine Party with One Eyed Doll, Dead Lotus Society at Encore [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Return to Planet 9 (80's New Wave & Darkwave) with DJ Subspace Freakquency at Elysium [a] [m] [+]
Brazilian Groove Night IV with F7 & the Hashashin, Manga Rosa, Os Alquimistas at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
A Space Odyssey with Gobi (EP release), Richard Gear, King Louie, Hoodie Allen, Zorch at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Martyrhead, Amplified Heat, The Bexar County Bastards at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+]
Combat Shock at the Parlor [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Abram Taber at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+] [8pm, free, all ages]
Oi!sters, Sore Losers, Iron Guts Kelly, Those Unruley, Confused, Me vs. Everybody at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]
Bassturd, Coolzey, Lipstick Homicide, Rival Wife, How I Quit Crack, Majic Hero vs. Rockpeople at Headhunter's Cannibal Stage (back patio) [+]
Killa Maul, Oklahomos, Another Addiction, Chronolung at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Sat. 7/24

Vulture, Venison Whirled, Book of Shadows, Lead Sister II (Tokyo), Shunsuke Suzuki (Tokyo) at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+] [7pm, free, byob]
The Bodywash with ELVIS, A Giant Dog, Pataphysics, The Bang Bang Theodores at the United States Art Authority (510 W. 29th St.) [+] [6pm-11pm, $8 or $6 with a bathing suit]
Stereo is a Lie, The Midgetmen, Melogrand, Elevated Lines, Red Falcon, One Hundred Flowers, Dead Black Hearts at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 6pm]
T-Model Ford, The Crack Pipes, John Schooley and His One Man Band at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside, late show, 9pm]
Lydia, The Rocketboys, Deas Vail at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside, early show, 6pm]
Giant Steps Productions 5th Anniversary
  • Parking, Scorpion Child, Hobomouth, My Heart to Joy, American Fangs, The Pulse Electric at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [outside]
  • Like Dogs, For Hours and Ours, Searcher at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [inside, doors at 7pm]

Comanche Club, Light Me Up, John Wesley Coleman, Quin Galavis at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Royal Forest (formerly Loxsly), The Georgian Company, Samantha Crain, (The Ghost of) Mice and Rifles at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Learning Secrets presents Black Gold Disco (oil spill wildlife rescue benefit) with Bodytronix, Candi & The Strangers, Ian Orth, Thomas Austin at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
Los Skarnales, Benny vs. the Beast, Viet Ruse at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Aunt Dracula (Philly), Hatchet Wound, telepathik Friend, How I Quit Crack at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+]
Auto Body, Freshmillions, DJ Gmau at ND (formerly the Independent at 501 Studios, 501 IH-35) [+]
Amanda Monaco/Carl Smith/Brad Taylor/Ernie Durawa at Space12 (3121 E. 12th St.) [+] [7:30pm]
Night Fever vol. 3 R & B with J Boogie (SF), DJ Sun (Houston), DJ Coolhands at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Muchos Backflips, Lotus Effect, Opposite Day at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+]
LoveHateHero, The Venitia Fair, Young and Devine at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
School of Liars at Trophy's [a] [m] [+] [10pm, $5]
Blank Generation, The Nerve Scheme (VA), Fractles, Mental State Fair at the Parlor [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Night Viking (album release) at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+] [8pm, free, all ages]
The Boomswagglers, Possessed by Paul James at Jovita's (1619 S 1st St.) [+]
The Heroine, Screaming Red, Go Go Beware, Crash at Crush, Viperheart, F-Bomb at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]
The Butts, Capt. Incredible, Think Lizzy (Thin Lizzy tribute) at Headhunter's Cannibal Stage (back patio) [+]
Manifesto, Lug, Kaos Calling, Plague Of 98, Sever The Cords at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Sun. 7/25

The Coathangers, Rayon Beach, Slang Chickens, Predator at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Manatee Tights, Baker Family, The Lilies, These are Words at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Ready Steady Go! 60s dance party with DJs Mike Hooker, Scotty Upton and special guest DJ Grayson Singleton at Rio Rita Lounge (1308 E 6th St.) [+] [9pm, free]
Broken Teeth, Beauty Bar & Bird's Barbershop present DJ Kobra Krames (NYC), Mike Townsend, Genova, Hoodie Allen at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+] [10pm, free]
Andrew Belle, He Is We at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Miguel Garcia & the Vaquetones, Kraneos at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]
The Love Letter, Landing Station, Monkeysoup, R Father & The Dashing Bastards at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]

Mon. 7/26

Maps & Atlases at Waterloo Records [a] [m] [+] [5pm, free]
Maps & Atlases, Cults, The Globes at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Say Hello to Angels, The Riot Scene, A Shattered Hope, Monsters Scare You, No Champions at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Peace of Mind Orchestra at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 10pm]
Robert Plant and the Band of Joy, Bettye Lavette at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm]
Rock and Roll Karaoke at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Leo Rondeau, Miguel Garcia and the Vaquetones at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+]
Cruiserweight (acoustic), The Tattle Tales, Closet Drama at the Parlor [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Chili Dog Party with The Dead Space at The Grand (4631 Airport Blvd, Ste. 121) [+] [10:30pm]
Shotgun Shakedown, Ghost of Poveglia, Darksun at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]
Wildshire, A....B, Fiesta Con Lobos, Sara Joyner at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Tue. 7/27

Black Vomit, m30w, Sam and Steve, Destroyed for Comfort at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+]
Ivoryline at Waterloo Records [a] [m] [+] [2:30pm, free]
Silverstein, Emery, I Set My Friends on Fire, Dance Gavin Dance, Sky Eats Airplane, Ivoryline, Close to Home at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Pink Sugar, A Sky Jet Black, Stasis at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [inside, free]
Mike and the Moonpies at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 10pm]
Bass Science, Truly Grimy (w/ ColbyB of Two Fresh), Fresh2Death, Nuggatron and Pharo at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Al-G's Going Away Party with Al G. John Wesley Coleman, Max the Kid, JT Trash at the Parlor [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
The Bread and friends at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [free]
Adrian and the Sickness, The Bluebonnets at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+]
Done Deal, Eyes of Nine, Cas Uno, Homeroom, Garbage Truck at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]
Wed. 7/28

John Wesley Coleman, Fletcher C. Johnson at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+]
Boris, Russian Circles, Saade at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 8pm]
Watching the Moon, Smoke & Feathers, Bridge Farmers at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 11pm]
Rosetta, City of Ships, DSGNS, Golden Ends at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Ceremony, Punch, Tigers Jaw, The Sidekicks, Mindless at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
No Mas Bodas, Rescue Mission, Ichi Ni San Shi, Palit at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
The Poison Control Center, Leatherbag, Minorcan, Follow That Bird! at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Deadneck Night with The Mau Mau Chaplains, Stop the Truck at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+] [free]
Sparta Philharmonic, Milk Thistle, The Sour Notes, White Dress at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [free]
A Tiger Named Lovesick, Honey Thief, The Vanity Press at the Parlor [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Outsiders Outside (ambient experimental series) with TBA at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+] [8pm-midnight, free]
New Holiday, Bella Ruse, Suicide Pistols at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]
Sour Soul (Mexico), Speakeasy, Ramble Rose at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Thu. 7/29

Everyday Destruction, Weekend Aggression at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+]
Bloody Work, Light Me Up, Serious Tracers at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+]
OBN IIIs, Dikes of Holland, Fleshlights, The Creationists at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Iron and Wine at the Paramount Theater [a] [m] [+] [benefit for HAMM and MANA]
Scion Garage Show presents Kid Congo Powers and the Pink Monkeybirds, Hunx and his Punx at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm, free with RSVP]
Flosstradamus, DJ Mel at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
101X's No Control Radio presents Zorch, Necklace of Heads at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Legs Against Arms, The Act Rights at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Signals (Rush tribute) at Elysium [a] [m] [+] [11pm]
Natural Heights, The Contrabandits, The Stoics at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Red Daughters, The Loblolly Boy, Bella Ruse, Bearkat at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
Danny Malone, The Steps, The Window Theater, The House of Songs at Stubb's [a] [m] [+]
Peter Case at Waterloo Records [a] [m] [+] [5pm, free]
Peter Case, Right or Happy at Threadgills (301 W. Riverside Dr.) [+]
Excited States, My Golden Calf at ND (formerly the Independent at 501 Studios, 501 IH-35) [+]
El Cento at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [free]
The Sugar Queens, Dark Market, The Jacksonville Bell Peppers at the Parlor [a] [m] [+] [8:30pm, free]
Cardinal Cool & The Nuns Of Justice, The Fotoelectric Band, The Love It Band, Mike Botello, The Delicates at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Fri. 7/30

Tradition (Canada) at End of an Ear [a] [m] [+] [6pm, free]
Second Sunday Sock Hop vs. Soul Happening at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 9pm]
Telegraph Canyon, Monahans at Club Deville [a] [m] [+]
Brad's Benefit Show with World Burns to Death, Hod, The Roller, Me Vs. Everybody, Dirty Charley Band at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Within Chaos, Course of Ruin, By Any Means Necessary, Sinistra at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Slow Animal, STUNTS, Literature, Curses at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Foot Patrol, Motel Aviv, Castlenova at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
Alpha Rev, The Soldier Thread (CD release), Pompeii at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
The Bad Ones, Greedy Mouth, Sober Daze, Under The Gun at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+]
KVRX presents Built by Snow, Focus Group, Marmalakes, Federal! State! Local! at the United States Art Authority (510 W. 29th St.) [+] [doors at 9pm]
Madchester with DJs Synthmaster & AsuraSunil at Elysium [a] [m] [+]
Babylon Saints, El Tule, Radio La Chusma at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
The White Hotel, Distance Runner, Candi and the Strangers at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
The No Limit Party with Big Freedia with DJ Rusty Lazer, DJ Orion, Cauze One at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+] [9pm, $5]
Churchwood, Household Names at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [free]
English Teeth, The Hi-Tones (EP release), Agent Ribbons, The Carrots at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+]
Vanished Clan, Take Away Grey at the Parlor [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Elliot Smith tribute night with Katy Pearson, Luke Kalloch, Sam Hammerman, Noah Nishite, Tammy Kantor, Bobby Zanzucci, Jesse Wooten at Dominican Joe (515 S. Congress Ave.) [+] [free]
John Rose, Mermaid Blonde at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+]
The Devil Rides, Dorito, Markov at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+] [outside]
The Richards, Jonathan Terrell, Anthony De Los Santos at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+] [inside, free]
The Mother Truckers, Deadman at Threadgills (301 W. Riverside Dr.) [+]
Sat. 7/31

ST 37, Miho Wada (NZ), John Schooley, Ovary Action at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+] [7pm]
The Dickins, Open Casket, BabyDick at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+]
Abstract Rude, Musab, Mutual Trust, Thesaurus Rex, DJ Orion at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Daniel Francis Doyle, The Great Curve, Baron Grod, Holy Wave at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Maneja Beto at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 9pm]
Bowling for Soup, The Dollyrots, Holy Moly at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Don Chani, Lionhead, Aimann at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Father Figures (Brooklyn), Plutonium Farmers, No Mas Bodas at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+]
Code 88, Before Dishonor, Combat Shock, Shitty Advice at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+]
Pong at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+]
Grand Opening Party for Iggi's Texatarian with Stunts, Wine and Revolution, Mira Loma and the Bad Vibes, Mermaid Blonde, The Sour Notes, Coma in Algiers, Wild Harem, The Zoltars at Starving Art Studios (2324 E. Cesar Chavez) [5pm-2am, free beer, all ages]
Jungle Rockers, Salesman, Flatcar Rattlers at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [music at 9pm, Knife Party Happy Hour (free pocketknife sharpening) from 6pm-9pm]
Hard Proof Afro Beat, Focus Group, DJ Businessmen at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
She Craves, Trebuchet, Blondes Make Better Victims, Oak is Keeping at Stubb's [a] [m] [+]
Nothington (CA), Blacklist Royals (TN), The Anchor at the Parlor [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
The Sol & Luna Art & Music Festival at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+] [11am-11:30pm]
The Music Lab/Raw Deal Battle Of The Bands XIII Finals featuring Hooch, Fierce Evolution, Remind Me I'm Alive, Omerta, From Sky To Center, Panacea, Manic Mongrel at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Sun. 8/1

Teen Heat, Stereo Shout Out, The Riot Scene, South Shores, Go Action Team at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Dinosaur Feathers, Roo at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Robert Frances at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Church of the Friendly Ghost presents Criminal Tower (last performance), Dromez, mACHO bLUSH at the Salvage Vanguard Theater [a] [m] [+] [8pm, $5]
Benefit for Room to Read with The Night, Loose Leaves, Lost Werks, Dark Blonde at Momo's (618 W. 6th St.) [+] [doors at 5:30pm, $10]

Mon. 8/2

Four Letter Lie, Memphis May Fire, Broadway, Thieves, BonnieBLUE, Hexawolf Jury at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [early, 7pm]
Melissa Etheridge at Bass Concert Hall [a] [m] [+]
Tue. 8/3

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, Magic Kids, Puro Instinct (formerly Pearl Harbor) at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 8pm]
Milk Thistle at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Twin Killers (ex-As Cities Burn), Sohns, Brother/Ghost at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
The Devil Wears Prada, Miss May I, Your Demise at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Goodnight Loving at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Miniature Tigers, The Spinto Band, Michelle Armstrong, The Steps at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Wed. 8/4

Here We Go Magic at Waterloo Records [a] [m] [+] [5pm, free]
Crowded House, Lawrence Arabia at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm doors]
Here We Go Magic, Beach Fossils at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
The Devil Wears Prada, Miss May I, Your Demise at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
The Clicks, Killola, Hunter Valentine, The Cocker Spaniels at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Bob Dylan and his Band at the The Backyard at Bee Cave [a] [m] [+] [7pm doors]
Deadneck Night with The Mau Mau Chaplains, Stop the Truck at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+] [free]
Outsiders Outside (ambient experimental series) with TBA at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+] [8pm-midnight, free]
Thu. 8/5

Aurora Plastics Company, Xathax, Katfish Jomo, Snakebite at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+] [7pm]
Soilwork, Death Angel, Augury, Mutiny Within, Swashbuckle at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Stereo Skyline, The Audition, Cash Cash, Cady Groves, The Downtown Fiction at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Rayon Beach, The Spooks, Shapes Have Fangs, Wild Harem, Planets at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Dax Riggs at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Bassline Bums (tour kickoff) at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Kara Bowers & the Boo Bonic (album release), Riders Against the Storm, Prissy, Undastreet M.E., Cali Zack, Patnaz N Rhyme, Damp Heat, The Mirage 512 Project, DJ Hybrid Cut at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Art vs. Industry, Gods are Ghosts, The Pulse Electric, The Future Process, Destroyed for Comfort at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+] [9pm, $5]
Jimmy Vaughan at Waterloo Records [a] [m] [+] [5pm, free]
Dixie Witch, Grady, Chili Cold Blood at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+]
Marcy Playground, Distant Lights, Matches For Memories at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Fri. 8/6

Ume, O'Brother at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Happy Birthday, Woven Bones, Residual Echoes, Wild America at the United States Art Authority (510 W. 29th St.) [+]
Bad Sports, The Creamers at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
From The Mind Of Adi's First Friday Frolic with The Soldier Thread, Burgess Meredith, DJ sets by uLOVEi at Club Deville [a] [m] [+] [5-8pm]
Rasputina, Larkin Grimm at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Prayer for Athiests, Blacklisted Individuals at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Panteon Rococo at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
So Unloved, A Corpse Vanishes, Slumlord at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+]
Doug Burr, Dark Dark Dark, Bearkat at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
Pasadena Napalm Division at Encore [a] [m] [+]
Joan Baez, James McMurtry at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm]
Sat. 8/7

Ty Segall, The Baths, The Hex Dispensers, A Giant Dog at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Brian Posehn, Matt Bearden at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [early show, 7pm]
Off With Their Heads, White Night, Autistic Youth, The Altars at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [late show, 10pm]
Thee Fine Lines, Simple Circuit, The Bad Lovers at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Everyone Knows Everyone 8 with Amplified Heat, John Wesley Coleman, The Strange Attractors, Final Club, Red X Red M, Tow The Line, The Family Harvest, Laserdiscs at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Crooks (EP release), Jenny & the Corn Ponies, Darren Hoff & the Hard Times at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Suckerfish, Mugrero, Penny Arcade at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+]
Scott Reynolds and the Steaming Beast, Chris Toast Trio at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+] [7:30pm, free, all ages]
Sun. 8/8

Jonathan Terrell at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Ambrosia at One World Theater (7701 Bee Caves Rd.) [+]

Mon. 8/9

Black Cobra, Howl, Monarch, Eagle Claw at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Tue. 8/10

The Carrots, Eux Autres at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Bomb The Music Industry, Oh Pioneers at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
The Goddamn Gallows, Black Eyed Vermillion, Dead Town at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Veara, I Am Abomination, The Stampede, Go Action Team at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Lazy K at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+]
Cyndi Lauper, David Rhodes at the Paramount Theater [a] [m] [+]
Wed. 8/11

Ozomatli at Waterloo Records [a] [m] [+] [5pm, free]
Hard Summer Tour with Crystal Castles, Rusko, Sinden, Destructo, Proxy at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 5pm doors]
Art Versus Industry at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 10pm]
Enthroned, Destroyer 666, Pathology, Hod, Disfigured at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Outsiders Outside (ambient experimental series) with TBA at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+] [8pm-midnight, free]
Thu. 8/12

Gentleman Jesse, White Mystery, The Barerracudas, Pleasure Kills, Melissa Bryan Support Group at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Jungle Rot, Lightning Swords of Death, Woe of Tyrants, Sakrefix, Prolicide at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Fri. 8/13

AA Bondy, JBM at ND (formerly the Independent at 501 Studios, 501 IH-35) [+]
Rozone Old School Jam with Salt-n-Pepa, Big Daddy Kane, Rob Base, Doug E Fresh, MC Overlord at the Austin Music Hall [a] [m] [+] [doors at 7pm]
Prima Donna, Nick Curan, The Act Rights, Flash Boys at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [late show, 10pm]
Missiles and Markers, This is the Good Fight at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [early show, 6pm]
Soft Healer, Psychic Steel (Chicago), Fielded (Chicago), Expensive Shit at Cheer Up Charlies (1104 E. 6th St., aka Ms. Bea's) [+]
Deathrock Disko with DJ Malediction, DJ None, DJ Alex V at Elysium [a] [m] [+]
A Letter of Warning, The Banner Year, Megafauna, Second to Last at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Rum Rebellion, Exile, Before Dishonor at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+]
Christopher Cross at One World Theater (7701 Bee Caves Rd.) [+] [two shows, 7pm and 9:30pm]
Sat. 8/14

Toby's 40th birthday party with The Motards (jmx), The Chumps, Baby Dick, Free to Kill Again at the Parlor Hyde Park (4301 Guadalupe) [+] [5pm, free]
The Black at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Shangalang at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Listener, Paperthreat at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
As Blood Runs Black, Oceano, Arsonists Get All The Girls, Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Thick as Blood, Burning the Masses, Circle of Contempt, Blind Witness, Son of Aurelius at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 5pm doors]
Dimitris Rail, Squint, Waiting for August, Dawn Over Zero, Sounds of Substance at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
The Bexar County Bastards, Wulfbane at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+]
Fluoxetine, special guests at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+] [8pm, free, all ages]
Corinne Bailey Rae at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+]
The White Ghost Shivers, Minor Mishap Marching Band at Threadgills (301 W. Riverside Dr.) [+]
Sun. 8/15

Bali Yaaah, Birds and Batteries, Many Birthdays at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Collie Buddz, New Kingston, Tavana, Contrabandits, Showdown Winner at the Aces Lounge (6th and San Jacinto) [+] [8pm doors]

Tue. 8/17

The Shivas at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
Wed. 8/18

Giuda (Italy) at the Broken Neck [a] [m] [+]
Puffy Areolas, The Young at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Ringo Deathstarr, Black Panda, BOATS!, Cassingles, Enlow at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
The Maine, This Century at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Matisyahu, Nathan Maxwell & the Original Bunny Gang at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm]
Ryan Star, Six Gallery at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 10pm]
The Resistables, The French Inhales, The Shivas at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+]
Outsiders Outside (ambient experimental series) with TBA at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+] [8pm-midnight, free]
Thu. 8/19

Stooges Tribute Night at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
The Bubbles, Oh No Oh My at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Karaoke Underground at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [inside, free]
Ego Likeness (Baltimore), The Ludovico Technique (FL) at Elysium [a] [m] [+]
Lynyrd Skynyrd at the The Backyard at Bee Cave [a] [m] [+]
Fri. 8/20

The Wooden Birds, Dan Mangan, Lost River/Old River at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Aasim's Birthday Party with Glorium, Eagle Claw, Manikin, The Royal Butchers, Shitty Carwash, Golden Boys, Pistol Pistol & the Crystal Fawn (formerly A Tiger Named Lovesick), DJ Butcher Bear at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Disorder (UK), Krum Bums, Deadly Reign at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [late show, 9:30pm]
The Tired And True, We Still Dream, Grenadier, The Riot Scene at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [early show, 6pm]
Scott H. Biram, Black Eyed Vermillion, Dad Jim at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside, late show, 9pm]
Native, Former Thieves, Honey and Salt at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside, early show, 5pm]
Andre Williams, The Goldstars at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+]
Natalie Merchant at the Paramount Theater [a] [m] [+] [7pm doors]
Jiminny Crisket, special guests at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+] [8pm, free, all ages]
Sat. 8/21

Terrible Twos at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Budos Band, Ocote Soul Sounds DJ set at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Sons of Hercules, The Ugly Beats, with Chris Gerniottis, The Ripe, The Thunderchiefs at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+]
Joe Strummer's Birthday with Clampdown!, Scott Reynolds and the Steaming Beast, Millipede at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
River City Extension at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Dana Falconberry, Telegraph Canyon, Archeology at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
East-Side Punk Invasion at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+]
Megafauna (CD release), Transmography, We The Granada, Red Leaves, The Hi-Tones, The Great Nostalgic, Death Is Not a Joyride, Snowbyrd (San Antonio), Shapes Stars Make (Dallas), Obsolete Machines, Telepathik Friend at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [free until 9pm, $3 after]
Phoenix Down, Art Versus Industry, Longwoodson, Love Hate Affair at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 8pm]
Landing Station, special guests at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+] [8pm, free, all ages]
Sun. 8/22

Burly Boys, A Letter of Warning, Eken is Dead (CA), Second to Last at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Short Attention Span, Agro Crag at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+]
Jonathan Terrell at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Asia at the Paramount Theater [a] [m] [+] [7:30pm]

Mon. 8/23

The Sword at Waterloo Records [a] [m] [+] [8pm, free]
Twin Sister, Memoryhouse, Sleepover at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Tue. 8/24

Chromeo, Holy Ghost, Telephoned at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm]
Junius, Orbs, Woolgather, Tassels at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
The Delta Mirror at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Wed. 8/25

Outsiders Outside (ambient experimental series) with TBA at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+] [8pm-midnight, free]
Thu. 8/26

Fu Manchu, Black Tusk, It's Casual at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
MC Trachiotomy, Felix, Magic Jewels, Baby Dick at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Vidrios, The Creamers at 912 48 1/2 St. [8pm]
Fever in the Funkhouse, New Bohemians, Mudphonic at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Fri. 8/27

Hot Hot Heat at Waterloo Records [a] [m] [+] [5pm, free]
Hot Hot Heat, Hey Rosetta at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Dead Prez, Betaplayer, Riders Against the Storm at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Bi-Polaroid featuring King Louie at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Grupo Fantasma at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
A Soul Happening at Club Deville [a] [m] [+]
KVRX presents TBA at the United States Art Authority (510 W. 29th St.) [+]
The Lovers, special guests at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+] [8pm, all ages, free]
Judy Collins, Amy Speace at One World Theater (7701 Bee Caves Rd.) [+]
Sat. 8/28

Ween at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm doors]
Rooney, Disco Curtis, Whitman at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Mondo Generator, Tweak Bird, One-Eyed Doll at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
The Ataris, Gasoline Heart, Don't Panic, Say Hello to Angels at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Maker's Mark presents Red River on the Rocks with Dead Confederate, Hacienda, Ume, The Eastern Sea, more TBA at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [starts at 2pm]
Ryan Bush's Bachelor Party with The Golden Boys, Love Collector, John Schooley at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Rock the Casbah #39 with DJ Mel at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Somasphere, The Malah, Metranohm at Ruta Maya [a] [m] [+]
Sheryl Crow, Colbie Caillat at the The Backyard at Bee Cave [a] [m] [+] [7pm doors]
Sun. 8/29

Dignan, Farewell Flight at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside]

Tue. 8/31

Saviours, Mammoth Grinder at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [late show, 10pm]
Bane, Trapped Under Ice, Cruel Hand, Alpha Omega, One Against Many at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [early show, 6pm]
Arlo & the Otter at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Ben Kweller at Threadgills (301 W. Riverside Dr.) [+]
Wed. 9/1

Titus Andronicus at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Thu. 9/2

The English Beat, Bad Manners at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Fireworks, The Swellers, Man Overboard, Transit, Thieves at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Fri. 9/3

Crooked Fingers, Mynabirds, Frank Smith at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 9pm]
Drag the River with special guests Cory Brannan and Scott Reynolds, East Cameron Folkcore, Look Mexico at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Rodrigo y Gabriela at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm doors]
Sat. 9/4

Sixteen Deluxe at ND (formerly the Independent at 501 Studios, 501 IH-35) [+]
Stereo Total at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 9pm]
Goodnight Goddess (reunion), Grenadiere, The Last Place You Look, Piranha, Hell and Lula at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
ColdGirls, Total Abuse, White Boss, Cry Blood Apache, Sewn Leather at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+]
Junior Brown at Threadgills (301 W. Riverside Dr.) [+]
Sun. 9/5

Lehnen (Austria) at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]

Mon. 9/6

El Ten Eleven at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Tue. 9/7

Bad Lovers, Liturature, The Creamers at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
Wed. 9/8

Screaming Females, Yellow Fever at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Balmorhea at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Exodus, Malevolent Creation, Holy Grail, Bonded By Blood at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Mumiy Troll, Run Run Run, Repa at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Thu. 9/9

Autolux, Gold Panda at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Fri. 9/10

Kontatto (Italy), Reddriver, Deadly Reign at the Broken Neck [a] [m] [+]
Sleep, Sub Oslo at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
The Riot Scene, The Stampede at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Sat. 9/11

Phobia at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Sun. 9/12

Michael Miller at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]

Tue. 9/14

Jon Anderson at the Paramount Theater [a] [m] [+]
Fri. 9/17

Shonen Knife (Japan), The Carrots, Cowabunga Babes at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Destruction Unit at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
KVRX presents TBA at the United States Art Authority (510 W. 29th St.) [+]
Citizen Cope at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm doors]
Sat. 9/18

Dungen at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Lions of Tsavo, Tow the Line, The Grasshopper Lies Heavy, The Del-Vipers at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Sleepy Sun, True Widow at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
The Tallest Man on Earth, S. Carey at Antones [a] [m] [+]
Citizen Cope at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm doors]

Tue. 9/21

The Pixies (playing Doolittle), Fuck Buttons at the Austin Music Hall [a] [m] [+]
Wed. 9/22

The Pixies (playing Doolittle), Fuck Buttons at the Austin Music Hall [a] [m] [+]
Thu. 9/23

Funker Vogt (Germany), Destroid (Germany), Chant at Elysium [a] [m] [+]
Serj Tankian at the The Backyard at Bee Cave [a] [m] [+] [7pm doors]
Fri. 9/24

Torche at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+]
Bowerbirds, Efterklang, Buke & Gass at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
The Whigs at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers, The Small Ponds, Roy Jay at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Jamie Lidell at Antones [a] [m] [+]
Drive-By Truckers at Stubb's [a] [m] [+]
B.J. Thomas, Billy Joe Royal at One World Theater (7701 Bee Caves Rd.) [+]
Sat. 9/25

Cotton Jones, Pepper Rabbit at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Aids Wolf, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, Computer Jesus Refrigerator at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
The Black Crowes at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm doors]

Mon. 9/27

Ratatat at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 6:30pm]
Atari Teenage Riot at ND (formerly the Independent at 501 Studios, 501 IH-35) [+]
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, Otouto at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Tue. 9/28

Pavement at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 9pm]
Wed. 9/29

Guitar Wolf (Japan) at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Field Music, Zorch at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Street Dogs, Devil's Brigade, Flatfoot 56, Continental at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [early show, starts at 7pm]
Thu. 9/30

Fennesz at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Guided By Voices, Times New Viking at East Side Drive In (1001 E. 6th St.) [+]
Fri. 10/1

Katatonia, Swallow the Sun, Orphaned Land at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Admiral Radley (Ex-Grandaddy/Earlimart) at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
First Friday Frolic: Flux-Rad Night at Club Deville [a] [m] [+]
Suzanne Vega at One World Theater (7701 Bee Caves Rd.) [+] [two shows, 7pm and 9:30pm]
Sun. 10/3

Early Man, Evile, Bonded by Blood at Emo's [a] [m] [+]

Tue. 10/5

Scoutt Niblett, Cocker Spaniels at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Fri. 10/8

Swingin' Utters at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Jimmie Dale Gilmore at Stubb's [a] [m] [+]
The Verve Pipe at the Saxon Pub (1320 S. Lamar) [+]
Austin City Limits Festival with Phish, The Strokes, Spoon, Vampire Weekend, Sonic Youth, The Black Keys, Broken Bells, Beach House, The Sword, Girls, The Soft Pack, The Mountain Goats, Those Darlins, many more at Zilker Park [+]
Sat. 10/9

School of Seven Bells, Active Child, Esben and the Witch at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Austin City Limits Festival with Muse, M.I.A., LCD Soundsystem, Monsters of Folk, Deadmau5, Gogol Bordello, Matt & Kim, The xx, The Temper Trap, Local Natives, Lucero, Bear in Heaven, David Bazan, The Very Best, Balmorhea, many more at Zilker Park [+]
Sun. 10/10

Austin City Limits Festival with The Eagles, Flaming Lips, Norah Jones, Band of Horses, The National, Yeasayer, Portugal. The Man, Devendra Banhart, Gayngs, Richard Thompson, Midlake, Foals, The Morning Benders, SPEAK, many more at Zilker Park [+]

Mon. 10/11

Nevermore, Warbringer, Mutiny Within, Hatesphere at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Wed. 10/13

Chris Isaak at the Paramount Theater [a] [m] [+]
Thu. 10/14

Born Ruffians at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Woven Hand, Serena Maneesh at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Fri. 10/15

The Vibrators at The Marchesa Hall & Theatre [+] [7pm doors]
Electric Six, The Constellations at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Land of Talk at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Railroad Earth at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+]
Sat. 10/16

The Vaselines at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
EOTO at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+]
Sun. 10/17

Azure Ray, Tim Fite at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]

Wed. 10/20

Bettie Serveert at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Frightened Rabbit, Plants & Animals, Bad Veins at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm]
Immolation, Vader, Abigail Williams, Pathology, Lecherous Nocturne at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Fri. 10/22

Built to Spill at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Delicious (Peter Stopschinski), Cue at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+]
Sat. 10/23

Built to Spill at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
This Ghost Inside at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Ian McLagan & the Bump Band at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 11:30pm]

Tue. 10/26

Jónsi at the Austin Music Hall [a] [m] [+]
Ra Ra Riot at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Thu. 10/28

Powerman 5000, One-Eyed Doll, Killing in Apathy, No Such Thing at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Sat. 10/30

Helmet at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]

Tue. 11/2

Black Label Society, Clutch, Children of Bodom at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 5pm doors]
Wed. 11/3

Of Montreal, Janelle Monae at East Side Drive In (1001 E. 6th St.) [+] [6pm]
Sat. 11/6

Fun Fun Fun Fest with The Gories, Slick Rick, Suicidal Tendencies, Dirty Projectors, Cap'n Jazz, Best Coast, Snapcase, Yelle, full lineup coming in early August at Waterloo Park (1301 Trinity St.) [+]
Sun. 11/7

Fun Fun Fun Fest at Waterloo Park (1301 Trinity St.) [+]

Wed. 11/10

The Legendary Pink Dots at Elysium [a] [m] [+]
Fri. 11/12

Dr. Dog at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside]

Thu. 11/18

Social Distortion, Lucero, Frank Turner at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 6:30pm]
Matt Costa at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 10pm]
Stars at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+]
Ornette Coleman Quartet at Bass Concert Hall [a] [m] [+]
Fri. 11/19

Oleta Adams at One World Theater (7701 Bee Caves Rd.) [+]
Sat. 11/20

Nile, Ex Deo, Psycroptic, Keep of Kalessin, Pathology at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]

Wed. 12/1

Blonde Redhead at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+]
Thu. 12/2

Forbidden, Evile, Gama Bomb, Bonded By Blood at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]

Sun. 12/12

Epica, Scar Symmetry, Blackguard, Mutiny Within at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]

Fri. 12/31

Cake at the Austin Music Hall [a] [m] [+]