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Archive List Beginning November 11, 2010

Thu. 11/11

Bridge Farmers, Goddess, Watching the Moon at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+] [7pm]
No Champions (CD release), Born To Lose, Say Hello to Angels, The Buzzkillers, The Riot Scene at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Freelance Whales, Miniature Tigers at ND (formerly the Independent at 501 Studios, 501 IH-35) [+] [9pm, $12]
Astronautalis, Betaplayer, Kill City at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 9pm]
Seryn, Rosedale, Collin Herring, Travis McDonald at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 10pm]
Ordet, Alpha Numeric, DSGNS at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Joanna Newsom at the Paramount Theater [a] [m] [+]
Driver F, Gentleman Rogues, For Hours and Ours at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Devils Bat's Daughter, Vension Whirled, Sprills of Ore at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+]
Hot as Shits, Mistress Shephanie & her Melodic Cat, Micah Omega at Lovejoys [a] [m] [+] [9pm, 21+]
Follow That Bird, Shells, Fox Royal at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+] [10pm, $5]
Monarchs, Frank Smith, Dana Falconberry at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 8pm]
Rival City, The Contrabandits at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Hollywood Gossip, Spouse, Haunt at Lamberts [a] [m] [+]
Fatback Circus, Muchos backflips, Squidbucket at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [10pm, free]
Burning Avalanche at the Parlor [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Darin Layne, Eric Keyes, Hatch at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
La Snacks, Big Mess, Transmography at Trophy's [a] [m] [+]
David Allen Coe, Dustin Welch, Notintheface at the Aces Lounge (6th and San Jacinto) [+]
Leatherbag, Future Clouds and Radar, The Bruce James Soultet at Ruta Maya [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Burly Boys, Jommy Dasher, Brandon Adams at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]
The Broken Harps, Smile Transylvania, The Test Group, Did I Say Something at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]

Fri. 11/12

Sun Airway at End of an Ear [a] [m] [+] [6pm, free]
John Wesley Coleman (album release), The Crack Pipes, James Arthur's Manhunt, The Beta Rhythm at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+] [7pm]
East Austin Studio Tour opening Party with Many Birthdays, My Milky Way Arms, DJ Richard Henry at Super! Alright! (301 Chicon St.) [+] [8pm]
Future Islands, Lower Dens, Lonnie Walker at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Neil Young's birthday hoot night with the Motts at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, early show, 5pm]
Dr. Dog, Here We Go Magic at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm doors]
Bear Hands at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 11pm]
Love Collector, Images, The Stuffies, Dikk Sexxx & the Weepy Teens at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
MC Chris, MC Frontalot, Schaffer the Darklord at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
The Felice Brothers, Adam Haworth Stephens at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
The Boxing Lesson, The Decade Show, My Golden Calf, Excited States, Blued, Taunto, Jane Doe Eyes, Joker, Cito Dagreat, Austen, Francisco da Man at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [starts at 6pm]
Phoenix Down, Cover Girls, B. Sterling Band, DJ Hoodie Allen at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
Pato Banton & the Now Generation Band, Ashes of Babylon at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Queen Street, Black Gum, Pink Sugar at Cheer Up Charlies (1104 E. 6th St.) [+] [10pm]
Hotel Hotel, Pointless Forest (NC), Megafauna at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+] [9pm, $5]
Exploded Drawing 3 with Kinder (Austin), Habits (Houston), Explosion Horse (Austin), Vegetable Kingdom (Austin), Ernest Gonzales (San Antonio), PAILO (Austin), live visuals by Abboriginal and Ntropy, hosted by soundfounder and Butcher Bear at Baby Blue Studios (1522 E. 12th St., near Comal) [+] [9pm, $5 includes cup for keg]
101X Homegrown Live presents The Black And White Years (CD release), Sip Sip, MoTel Aviv at ND (formerly the Independent at 501 Studios, 501 IH-35) [+] [9pm]
The Ugly Beats, Morry Sochat & the Special 20's, Modern Don Juans at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+]
Paradise Titty's Anniversary Show with Paradise Titty, Magnifico at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
The Reliques, Suzanna Choffel, Meggan Carney at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
A Corpse Vanishes, So Unloved (San Antonio), The News Can Wait (Dallas), Greedy Mouth (Corpus Christi) at the Parlor [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Lyle Lovett and his Large Band at the Paramount Theater [a] [m] [+] [7pm doors]
Grupo Fantasma 10th Anniversary Show at Antones [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Subrosa Union, Chili Cold Blood, Sheer Kahn and the Space Case at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [10pm, $5]
Austin Comic-Con after party with Education, Lackluster, The Beat Dolls, Amanda Lepre at Trophy's [a] [m] [+]
The Gary, Spellcaster at Ruta Maya [a] [m] [+] [9pm, $5, all ages]
Bad Blood Fridays with John Rose at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+]
The Heroine, Split Hoof, Bay of Pigs, Doc Holiday and the Frankenstein Monster, Redline Riot at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]
Thunderosa, Steppin Razors, The Monk at Headhunter's Cannibal Stage (back patio) [+]
Diesel & Dixie (CD release), Whiskey Shivers, El Charco, Righteous Brisket, R Father & The Dashing Bastards at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]

Sat. 11/13

Hopewell at End of an Ear [a] [m] [+] [4pm, free]
Followed By Static, Bonnibonita (split 7" release), Somosuno (Houston), Ghormeh Sabzi at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+] [7pm]
South By South Wes - Wes Coleman all day record release party with Wes Coleman, James Arthur's Manhunt, Wild America, A Giant Dog, John Schooley's One Man Band, Dim Locator, The Black, Shapes Have Fangs, Melissa Bryan, Air Traffic Controllers, Palit, Followed By Static, The Early Stages, The Stuffies, Beautiful Supermachines, Nodfather at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [starts at 1pm]
Senses Fail, Bayside, Title Fight, Balance and Composure at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
The Petals, The Bubbles, The Pulse Electric, Lean Hounds at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
LAX, Ishi (Dallas), Fizzy Dino Pop, The Shears at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [late show, 9pm]
Set Aflame, Surrounded by Monsters, Falsetta, Newlywed, Ready the Messnger at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [early show, 5pm]
T Bird and the Breaks, TV Torso at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 9pm]
Leopold and his Fiction, Will Cope at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 11pm]
y.EAST with Os Ovni, Total Unicorn, Computer Jesus Refrigerator, Talmadge D'Amour, visuals by Vidkidz/RecSpec/Total Unicorn at Cheer Up Charlies (1104 E. 6th St.) [+]
Guadalupe Get Down
  • Bridge Farmers, The Blind Pets, Tijuana Bible, Mrs. Glass, Gabe Strych, Fractals, Rambler Rose, Denis O'Donnell, Dale Beach at Spiderhouse [+] [noon-9pm, free all ages]
  • East Cameron Folkcore, Sorne, The Astronaut Suit, Mostly Dead, Bigfoot, The Daze, Rust, Fuxx, Doom Trooper at the United States Art Authority (510 W. 29th St.) [+] [noon-10pm, free, all ages]

Comic-Con afterparty with Muchos Backflips!, Yoshimoto, Descendants of Erdrick at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Table Manners Crew 5 year anniversary with DJ Tats, Nerdy Harry, DJ Digg, DJ Crown, Kid Slyce at Plush [a] [m] [+] [9pm, free before 11pm]
HUMP! A Classic Funk, Disco and Boogie Jam with DJs Paco, Resinthol, Aquaman, Johnny Whutnot, El Cocinero (percussion), Reverend Pain (sax), Fumi-hito (guitar), MC Tigre Liu at ND (formerly the Independent at 501 Studios, 501 IH-35) [+] [9pm-2am, free before 10:30pm, $6 after]
Fifth Annual Backyard Art @ The G-Spot studio art show and sale with music by Moray Eels, Rambler Rose, The Dickins, The Hot as Shits, Justin Waters (DJ EL BJ of KAOS Radio) at 500 W. O'Dell [5pm-midnight]
The Canvas Waiting (CD release), Pompeii, Saints of Valory at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 8pm]
The Domesticated, The Gary, Lone Star Demons, Bryce Clifford at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [9pm, $5]
Triggermen, Rage Ranger, Buzz & Bangz at the Parlor [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Crooks, Twilight Hotel, Western Ghost House at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Grimy Styles, The Focus Group at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
MartyParty, Sugarpill, ChrisB at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
South Rakkas Crew (DJ set), Wile Out! with AnnaLove, Hoodie Allen, Dubbeldutch at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Ghosts of Texas, Cunto!, Geronimo at Trophy's [a] [m] [+]
King Britt (Philly), Orion, Toddy B at Republic Live (301 W 5th St.) [+] [10pm, 21+]
The Lonesome Heroes, Reverend Glasseye, White Dress at Antones [a] [m] [+]
Joshua Radin, Good Old War, Kelly James at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+]
Slobberbone, Stone River Boys at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+]
Andrew Stone, World Racketeering Squad at the Rockin' Tomato (3003 S. Lamar) [+] [9pm, free, all ages]
Procbaborgany Collective at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+] [10pm]
Collective Dreams, We Go Way Back, Ugly Elephant, Go Go Beware, 461 at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]
The Banner Year, Benny Versus The Beast, Waiting For August, Grenadier, Oh No The Radio at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]

Sun. 11/14

y.EAST with Yatagarasu, Mysterious H, I Cactus, visuals by Fishlegs/Partytime!Hexcellent! at Cheer Up Charlies (1104 E. 6th St.) [+]
The Dandy Warhols, Hopewell at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+]
Thieves and Villains, The Right Coast, Go Action Team at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Thax Douglas presents Poetry Under the Stars at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Glow In The Sun at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
Anarchy Championship Wrestling at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 5:30pm]
JFK of Grayskul, The Insects, Black Mask, DJ Notion at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Well-Dressed Thieves, *67 at the Parlor [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
White Dress, Tory Tompkins at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [10pm, free]
Gaslamp Killer, Deadelus at the Aces Lounge (6th and San Jacinto) [+]
Atash at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+]
Wings Burn Away, Dem Waffle Houze Boiz, Los Vaqueros, Espantabarajos at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]


Mon. 11/15

Wolf Parade, Ogre You Asshole at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+] [7pm]
Loud As Fuck with Warship Earth, Magic Jewels, ST 37, Bubbleface, Plutonium Farmers, MC Clitfart, How I Quit Crack at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Day vs. Night, You Might Think We're Sharks, Attack Power at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Dale Watson & his Lone Stars at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+] [10pm, $5]
Burger City Rock n Roll record party with DJ Ben Blackout, Maybe Baby at The Grand (4631 Airport Blvd, Ste. 121) [+]
Rock and Roll Karaoke at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Juke Joint Blues Showcase at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+]
English Teeth, The Memphis Strange, The Ripe at Ruta Maya [a] [m] [+]
Leo Rondeau, Bitter Spills, Mike Nicolai at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [10pm, $3]

Tue. 11/16

Arvo Zylo (Chicago), Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, Trip Drip Drop (Bubblegum Shitface+MC Clitfart), Dromez, Snares Of Love at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+] [7pm-10pm, free]
Bottle Service, The Lilies, Bike Problems at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Doomtree (featuring P.O.S. and Dessa), special guest, Parking, DJ Digg at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
500 Miles to Memphis, The Texas Sapphires, Dad Jim at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
y.EAST with Paul Baker, Jose Digital, Eduardo Garcia, visuals by Paul Baker at Cheer Up Charlies (1104 E. 6th St.) [+]
April Smith and the Great Picture Show, Jesse Woods, The Ryan Rooney at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Arvo Zylo, Winston Drag Racing, Snakebite, Derek Rogers, Sex Bruises at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+] [10pm]
EZ Action with DJ Scorpio at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
The Latejoys (acoustic) at the Parlor [a] [m] [+] [8pm]

Wed. 11/17

Zoobombs, Rayon Beach, Cousin at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+] [7pm]
The Queers (CD release), Kepi Ghoulie & the Riptides, The Bulemics at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [free CD with entry while supplies last]
Natural Child, Dikes of Holland, Shannon & the Clams, OBN IIIs, The Creamers at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
The Supervillains, Ballyhoo!, The B Foundation, Eleven Fingered Charlie at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
E for Explosion, The Upwelling, Shut Up and Deal, Guns of Navarrone at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
y.EAST with School, Whoarfrost, Spells, How I Quit Crack, visuals by Juan Cisneros at Cheer Up Charlies (1104 E. 6th St.) [+]
Dreadneck Night with The Mau Mau Chaplains at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+] [free]
Some Say Leland, Black Swans, Lost River/Old River, Battle Bend at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [9pm, free]
Crack In The Wall, Shaking Hands at the Parlor [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Sean McConnell, Shad Blair at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Bo Burnham at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+]

Thu. 11/18

Kurt Vile at Waterloo Records [a] [m] [+] [7:30pm]
Well-Dressed Thieves, Cousin, Star Six Seven at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+] [7pm]
Kurt Vile and the Violators, Purling Hiss, The Young, Air Traffic Controllers at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Miss May I, Sleeping With Sirens, Bury Tomorrow, Abandon All Ships, The Crimson Armada at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Social Distortion, Lucero, Frank Turner at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 6:30pm]
Matt Costa at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 10pm]
Junip, Sharon Van Etten at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 9pm]
What Made Milwaukee Famous, The Frontier Brothers, Calhoun at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
The Golden Boys, Tex Reys at Lovejoys [a] [m] [+] [9pm, 21+]
Stars, Geographer at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Beautiful Supermachines, Distant Seconds, Prayer for Animals, Lean Hounds at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Scion Garage Show with Human Eye, Sex Beet at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [outside, free with RSVP]
Karaoke Underground at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [inside, free]
December Boys, The Whalers, Black Swans (OH) at Club Deville [a] [m] [+]
y.EAST with Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, SlugBug, Owlbeemoth, visuals by Fishlegs at Cheer Up Charlies (1104 E. 6th St.) [+]
The Red River (Portland), The New Time, Rosendale at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+] [9pm, $5]
Ornette Coleman Quartet at Bass Concert Hall [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Movember Benefit with The Authors, She Sir, Lacuna Inc., Residual Kid at ND (formerly the Independent at 501 Studios, 501 IH-35) [+] [10pm]
Johnny Hootrock, The Beat Dolls at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Salesman, Western Motto, Mont Lyon at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [10pm, free]
Shitty Advice, more TBA at the Parlor [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Miss Jackson, Gary Newcomb Trio at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+]
Glacier Princess, FM Campers, Attack Power at Trophy's [a] [m] [+]

Fri. 11/19

Scrabble Robot at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+] [7pm]
Emo's 19th Anniversary with Big Business, Rusted Shut, Woodgrain, Baron Grod at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Mickey Avalon at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Black Mountain, Black Angels at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Squidbucket, Keelhaul, Pack of Wolves, Eagle Claw, Curse the Heavens at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm, free]
Diagonals, Horse Plus Donkey, 100 Visions, Planets at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Beatles Hoot Night and Movember benefit with Amplified Heat, Monahans, the preservation, Ricky Stein, The Redboys at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Suncopters (CD release), Go Go Garcia at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
KVRX and Converse presents KVRX Concert Series, Thanksgiving Edition
y.EAST with Trills, Destroyed For Comfort, Low Red Center, visuals by Vidkidz/Trills at Cheer Up Charlies (1104 E. 6th St.) [+]
Tech_Sys with Butcher Bear and Charlie, Neiliyo, Zorch, Freshmillions, Zlam Dunk, Focus Group, Florene, Ghost Mountain, Realness at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+] [8pm, $7]
Hard Proof Afrobeat at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
Forbiden Fruit presents Extravagasm Fantasy Ball IX: East of Hedon with Brass Ovaries, The Jigglewatts, Sky Candy, DJ Orion, DJ CauzeOne at ND (formerly the Independent at 501 Studios, 501 IH-35) [+] [9pm]
Betaplayer, Bridge Farmers, Tow The Line, Best Love in Town at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+]
Oleta Adams at One World Theater (7701 Bee Caves Rd.) [+]
Big Head Todd, Shawn Mullins at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm]
Snake Skin Prison (album release), Broken Teeth, Bayou City Outlaws, Yayo at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Tribal Nation, D-Madness at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Benny vs. The Beast, The Nematoads, Something Called Nothing at the Parlor [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Charles Wagner at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+]

Sat. 11/20

Fuzz Club with DJ's Bobby Trimble, Greyson Singleton, Sue at Nasty's (606 Maiden Lane - off Guadalupe St. near 38th) [+] [$5]
Flowers at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+] [7pm]
Emo's 19th Anniversary with Unsane, Ratking, Megafauna, Women in Prison at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Nile, Ex Deo, Psycroptic, Keep of Kalessin, Pathology at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
King Louie's Missing Monuments, Suede Uppers, Fleshlights at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Pomegranates, Oh No Oh My, A Tiger Named Lovesick at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 10pm]
Crash Gallery, Artificial Heart, Bali Yaaah at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Golden Hornet Project presents the Heavy Metal Massacre at ND (formerly the Independent at 501 Studios, 501 IH-35) [+] [7pm]
Tranarchy! with DJ Chicken Kiev at ND (formerly the Independent at 501 Studios, 501 IH-35) [+] [10:30pm]
Ship Mercury, Milezo, Roo at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+]
The Sour Notes, Little Lo, Mermaid Blonde, Elaine Greer at House of Guys (1907 Rio Grande) [+] [9pm, free]
y.EAST with Hexcrusher, Missions, Candi & The Strangers, Bodytronix, visuals by Vidkidz/Fishlegs at Cheer Up Charlies (1104 E. 6th St.) [+]
Devil Bats Daughter, Angel Reyezzz (of Waco Girls), Non-Con (of Casio Egypt/Venison Whirled), speaker Haithem El-Zabri at Monkeywrench Books [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
The Blue Hit, Fulton Read at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
Rock the Casbah #40 with DJ Mel at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
The Blue Hit, Tyler Jordan at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
Ana's Birthday Thrashacre with Hexlust, Death Rites 666, Black Thorn Halo at the Parlor [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Major Major, Olde World, The Lusitania, The Brimmers at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [9pm, $5]
Night Fever vol. 7 with Afrolicious, DJ Chorizo Funk, Coolhands, live art and visuals at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+] [9pm, $6 before 11pm, $8 after]
No Parachute Showcase at Trophy's [a] [m] [+]
OH SNAP! 2010 with Bright Light Social Hour, DJ Orion, Frontier Brothers, Freshmillions, The Eastern Sea, Marmalakes, Bus Stop Stallions, Motel Aviv, Parking, The Shears, Sphynx, Three Leaf, Little Lo, Maryann and the Revival Band, Federal! State! Local!, The Attack, We Aim To Try, Ghostbunny, John Kramer, Visual Impact Jam Skaters, comedian Bryan Gutmann, Industry Screen Print, Live Art Creation at Pine Street Station (1105 E. 5th St.) [+] [doors at noon, $10 presale, $15 at door, all ages]
Gutbunny Revival at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+]
Carnival O' Pizza with music by Big Don, Little Stolen Moments, Wino Vino, plus break dancers, graffiti artists, lots of activities at Home Slice Pizza (1415 S. Congress Ave.) [+] [noon-7pm]

Sun. 11/21

Wild America, Sticky Bandits, The Zoltars at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+] [3pm, all ages, byob, donations accepted]
Crack Pipes, Suede Uppers, Bottle Service at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+] [7pm]
Say Anything, Motion City Soundtrack, Saves the Day, A Great Big Pile of Leaves at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 6pm doors]
Mae, Terrible Things, Windsor Drive at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
For Every Empire, The CEOs at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [inside, free]
Jonathan Terrell, Graham Weber, Thunderosa at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 10pm]
The Dresden Dolls, Girl in a Coma at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+] [7pm]
From Where They Run, Speak Rhetoric, Main Coons at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [10pm, free]
Diana Mino at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+] [8pm]


Mon. 11/22

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, The Lonely Forest, Milk Thistle at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
The Secret Handshake, Speak, A Cursive Memory, The Narrative, The Canvas Waiting at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Dale Watson & his Lone Stars at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+] [10pm, $5]
Rock and Roll Karaoke at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Juke Joint Blues Showcase at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+]
Cocker Spaniels, Bubbleface, The Bell Riots at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+]
English Teeth, The Memphis Strange, The Monarchs at Ruta Maya [a] [m] [+]
Leo Rondeau, Mike And The Moonpies at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [10pm, $3]

Tue. 11/23

This Horn of Afrika, Equals, We Aim to Try at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
David Rovics at Monkeywrench Books [a] [m] [+] [8:30pm, $10 or $5 for students and the unemployed]
Watain, Goatwhore, Black Anvil, HOD, Necro-Wolf at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Hosannas (Portland), The Sour Notes, White Dress, SuperLiteBike at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Quin Galavis at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Chicken Shift, Lionheart Stanza, Flowers in the Attic at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [inside, free]
EZ Action with DJ Scorpio at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
The Rocket Summer, Ariel Abshire at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]

Wed. 11/24

Hey Monday, Cartel, The Ready Set, This Century, We Are The In Crowd at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Eisley, Ives The Band, Christine DuPree at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Turdus Musicus, We'll Go Machete, vanishedCLAN, Alpha Numeric at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Dad Jim, The Beard, Cunto, Texas Sapphires at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Dreadneck Night with The Mau Mau Chaplains at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+] [free]

Thu. 11/25

Happy T(of)urkey Day!
Karaoke Underground presents The Thanksgiving Jawbreaker Singalong at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]

Fri. 11/26

The Golden Boys, The Strange Attractors, All in the Golden Afternoon at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+] [9pm, $5]
The Posies, Brendan Benson, Aqueduct at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+] [7pm]
Not in the Face, Neon Cobra, Ode to Oscillator, Another Run at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [free]
Muchos Backflips!, The Baker Family, Northern Paradox, Whalers at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
The Mother Truckers, Ricky Stein & The .44 at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+]
Sahara Smith, Danny Malone, Ruby Jane at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 8pm]

Sat. 11/27

HAAM Benefit with Hex Dispensers, The Young, Cruddy, Shitty Beach Boys at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
The Big Dirty Shakedown, Black Bone Child, Burning Avalanche at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Das Ich, The Holocaust Humanity, DJs Void, Edminister & The Gothfather at Elysium [a] [m] [+]
Spindrift at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
L'il Cap'n Travis, DD Dagger, J.Be at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
Mother Falcon, Marmalakes, The Frontier Brothers at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Pocket FishRmen, HUG, Gay Sportscasters, Zero Skills Inc. at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
The Expendables, John Brown's Body, C-Money & The Players Inc. at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
One Against Many, Strength Beyond Strength, Scumicide, Memoirs of a Mercenary at the Parlor [a] [m] [+] [8pm, free]
Quiet Company, Love at 20, Moving Castles, Guns of Navarone at ND (formerly the Independent at 501 Studios, 501 IH-35) [+] [9pm]
Moving Matter, Toast at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
JTs 40th B-day with The Drunks (LP record release), Vitamins at Lovejoys [a] [m] [+] [9pm, 21+]
Full Service (CD release), The Frigid Coats at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
The Mother Truckers, Deadman at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+]
Powerless premier with Snares of Love, Agatha Christie at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+]

Sun. 11/28

Ready Steady Go! 60s dance party with DJs Mike Hooker and Scotty Upton at Rio Rita Lounge [a] [m] [+] [10pm, free]
The Transco Empire, Suburban Legends at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Marcus Rubio at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+]


Mon. 11/29

Satin Peaches at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
Dale Watson & his Lone Stars at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+] [10pm, $5]
Rock and Roll Karaoke at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Burger City Rock n Roll record party with DJ Ben Blackout, The Bad Lovers at The Grand (4631 Airport Blvd, Ste. 121) [+]
Juke Joint Blues Showcase at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+]
English Teeth, The Memphis Strange at Ruta Maya [a] [m] [+]
Alex*Cuba at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 8pm]

Tue. 11/30

Carnivores, TV Torso at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 10pm]
Blotter, Burly Boys, Post Society at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [8pm, inside, free]
The Randa Show at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
EZ Action with DJ Scorpio at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
Needtobreathe, The Daylights at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+] [7pm]

Wed. 12/1

Blonde Redhead, Olof Arnalds at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+]
Tame Impala, Stardeath and White Dwarfs, Kuroma at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Birds & Batteries, Sunset, The Authors at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 10pm]
Money Chicha (members of Grupo Fantasma), Hardproof Afrobeat (members of Black Joe Lewis / Calm Blue Sea), DJ Hobo D at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Oikos at the Ghost Room [a] [m] [+]
Cloud Mouth (Chicago), Brother/Ghost, For Want Of, Innards (Fort Worth) at the Parlor [a] [m] [+]

Thu. 12/2

Forbidden, Evile, Gama Bomb, Bonded By Blood, Birth A.D. at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Follow That Bird, Darling New Neighbor, Gentleman Rogues, Milk Thistle at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Assemblage 23, Art vs. Industry, Carbon Theory at Elysium [a] [m] [+]
Yellow Fever, The Hi-Tones, Megafauna at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
AWOL Nation at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Corinne Rose, Dad Jim at Lovejoys [a] [m] [+]
Adrian Bourgois, Ricky Berger at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+]

Fri. 12/3

The Octopus Project performing Hexadecagon at East Side Drive-In (1001 E. 6th St.) [+]
Darkest Hour, Veil of Maya, Periphery, Revocation, The Brigade, Killing in Apath at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Zlam Dunk (CD release), Fresh Millions, Markov, For Hours & Ours at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
High Watt Crucifixers at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Mr. Lewis & the Funeral 5, Ghostwriter, Boxcar Satan at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
A Queerbomb Christmas party at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Neil Young Night with Smoke & Feathers, La Snacks, The Gary, The Midgetmen, Sour Notes, The Pons, Whiskey Priest, When In Rome (members of East Cameron Folkcore/Oh No Oh My/The Bread/Burgess Meredith/Mike and The Moonpies), Through The Trees, Blue Kabuki, Distant Seconds at the Parish [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
The B Scene with Mother Falcon at the Blanton Museum of Art (UT Campus, MLK at Congress) [+] [8:30pm]
Scott H. Biram at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]
Emory Quinn, Mike Kelly at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]

Sat. 12/4

Big Boi, Peligrosa All-Stars, Table Manners Crew at East Side Drive-In (1001 E. 6th St.) [+]
Manikin, Extravaganza, We Know Where You Live at Eric Unusual's (5317 Peacedale Lane, near 51st & Manor Rd.) [8pm, kegs, free]
Skeleton Witch, Withered, Landmine Marathon at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [late show, outside]
DJ Joe Gross at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [inside, free]
The Paul Green School of Rock at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [early show]
The Templars, The Broadsiders, Bitter End at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Millionyoung at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 10pm]
Three Bad Jacks at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Justin Townes Earle, Caitlin Rose at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Slideluck Potshow at ND (formerly the Independent at 501 Studios, 501 IH-35) [+]
Cucuy Productions Showcase with Muchos Backflips! and more at Trophy's [a] [m] [+]
You Might Think We're Sharks, World Racketeering Squad at the Rockin' Tomato (3003 S. Lamar) [+] [9pm, free, all ages]

Sun. 12/5

Birds & Batteries at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 10pm]
Blitzkid at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
The Paul Green School of Rock at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [early show]
Fran Healy at the Parish [a] [m] [+]


Mon. 12/6

My Genuine Find, outRAGEus at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Jagermeister presents Slave to the Metal at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]

Tue. 12/7

Vains of Jenna, Yayo, The Act Rights at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]

Wed. 12/8

Destroyed for Comfort, Art Vs Industry, Subnatural, Panjoma at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Sam Adams, LA Riots at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+]

Thu. 12/9

Batusis (Sylvain Sylvain of New York Dolls & Cheetah Chrome of Dead Boys), Chelsea Hotel (ex-Pagans), Blower(ex-Didjits) at Lovejoys [a] [m] [+] [free, 21+]
Burial (Germany), Infernal Stronghold, Criaturas at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
The Low Lows, Salesman, East Cameron Folkcore at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 10pm]

Fri. 12/10

DJ Spooky at the Aces Lounge (6th and San Jacinto) [+]
Refused Are Fucking Dead at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 10pm]
TBD, Disfigured, Perversum, Burial Ritual (Milwaukee) at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Anders Osborne, The Stanton Moore Trio at the Parish [a] [m] [+]

Sat. 12/11

Dr. Octogon and the Black Elvis present A Kool Keith Experience (Megafuture live taping) at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm]
Riverboat Gamblers (homecoming show), The Chumps at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Toubab Krewe, Cas Haley at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]

Sun. 12/12

Epica, Scar Symmetry, Blackguard, The Agonist at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]


Mon. 12/13

The Gay Blades, Kadets, Pink Sugar at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]

Tue. 12/14

The Gay Blades at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]

Wed. 12/15

The Dead Left at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [inside, free]
The Creamers at the United States Art Authority (510 W. 29th St.) [+]

Thu. 12/16

Christeene, HUG, Woozyhelmet, Chainbow, PBR Kitten at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [outside, 9pm]
Karaoke Underground at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [inside, free]
Tab Benoit at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [early show, inside]
Charlie Louvin, Cowboy and Indian at Antones [a] [m] [+]
Muchos Backflips!, Fatback Circus, Manic Mongrel, Perfect Pants at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]

Fri. 12/17

Turbo Fruits at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Ringo Deathstarr, Sundress (Denton), Follow That Bird!, Schmillion at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
This Will Destroy You, The Eastern Sea, Pompeii at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 9pm]
The Black Squeeze at Beerland [a] [m] [+]

Sat. 12/18

Dead End Cruisers, Broken Gold, Jensen Eyes at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Doug Burr at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Christmas A Go Go with Johnny Hootrock, Hotrod Hillbillies, burlesque by Black Widow Jigglewatts at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 8pm]


Fri. 12/31

New Year's Eve at Cheer Up Charlie's with The Sour Notes (7" release, tour kickoff), Follow That Bird, Missions, Cartright, Zorch, No Mas Bodas, Marmalakes, Bodytronix, Mermaid Blonde, Tiny Tin Hearts at Cheer Up Charlies (1104 E. 6th St.) [+] [9pm-2am, free, free food 9-10pm, giveaways]
100 Monkeys at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
T Bird and the Breaks at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Grupo Fantasma, Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+]
Cake, White Ghost Shivers, Agent Ribbons at the Austin Music Hall [a] [m] [+]


Tue. 1/11

No Age at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 8pm]

Thu. 1/13

A Letter of Warning, The Sawyer Family (Eugene, OR), A Second to Last (CD release), Ready the Messenger at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]

Fri. 1/14

Girl Talk at the Austin Music Hall [a] [m] [+]

Sat. 1/15

Sons Of Hercules, Fleshlights, Tempo Tantrums at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [10pm]


Fri. 1/28

Graham Reynolds (CD release), Mother Falcon at the United States Art Authority (510 W. 29th St.) [+]

Sat. 1/29

Graham Reynolds and Golden Arm Trio (CD release) at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+]
Led Zeppelin 2 at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+]


Tue. 2/1

Deerhoof at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]

Fri. 2/4

Finntroll, Ensiferum, Rotten Sound, Barren Earth at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]


Thu. 2/10

Hunter Valentine, Vanity Theft, Petals at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]


Mon. 2/14

D.R.I., Death Angel, Lazarus AD, Early Man, Bonded by Blood, Hexen at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]

Fri. 2/18

Swans, Wooden Wand at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Tapes 'n Tapes at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Gladys Knight at the Paramount Theater [a] [m] [+] [7pm doors]
Cadillac Sky at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]


Mon. 2/21

Jimmy Eat World, David Bazan & Band at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+]


Fri. 3/4

The Walkmen at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm]


Sat. 4/2

John Mellencamp at Moody Theater (200 Lavaca St., in the W Hotel) [+]


Mon. 4/4

Rotting Christ, Melechesh, Hate, Abigail Williams, Lecherous Nocturne at Emo's [a] [m] [+]

Wed. 4/6

Lady Gaga, Semi-Precious Weapons at the Erwin Center [a] [m] [+]


Sat. 4/16

Pete Yorn, Ben Kweller at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm]


Mon. 5/16

Mogwai at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm]