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Archive List Beginning July 14, 2011

Thu. 7/14

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, Waco Girls, Delptronics at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+] [7pm]
The Zoltars (tour kickoff), Grape Street (members of Harlem), These Are Words, Well Dressed, Thieves at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
The French Inhales, Hatchet Wound, Planets, Overy Reaction at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
One Good Lung, Kidoo & the Dud, Laserz at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [8pm, free]
DJQD at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
The American Spirit at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 5pm, free]
Danny Malone, Peter Piek, Matthew Gray, Anna Lidell at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Synthetamine, Black Magic Kit, Code Named Code at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Not Just Another Cancer Event 3.0 with Patrice Pike, Beautiful Mistakes at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 6:30pm]
Mike and the Moonpies, HalleyAnna & the Tennessee Volunteers, Tex & the Haymakers at Skinny's Ballroom [+]
Mischief Office (members of Tito and the Man), Ned Van Go, Daniel Webb at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [10pm]
Persistence In Flames, If Tomorrow Burns, A Bid Farewell (Killeen, Tx), Fire Drinks Grass, Midnight Gypsy at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]

Fri. 7/15

Against Empire (LA area), Till Death, Doom Siren, Asahara, Badr Vogu at the Broken Neck [a] [m] [+]
The Long Tangles, R. Father and the Dashing Bastards, The Great '85 at Skinny's Ballroom [+]
Die Hart IV at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+] [7pm]
Ryan Harvey (Baltimore), Adam and the Ancient Gods (Houston), Bobby Whittenberg-James at Monkeywrench Books [a] [m] [+] [7-10pm]
The Dead Space, Dead People, Creationists, Kruxe at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Wayne Kramer (of MC5), Lions, Salesman, English Teeth at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 8pm]
Altercation's A Mid-Summer Night Scream with Say Hello to the Angels, Jukebox Romantics, The AltercationPunk Comedy Tour, The Buzzkillers, Good in the Sack at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Tribal Seeds, Seedless, Ashes Of Babylon at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Adam & the Bullshark at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
The Green Door Dance Party (Special Edition) with DJs Topper James and Mike Hooker join host Scotty Upton at the Legendary White Swan (1906 E. 12th St.) [+] [10pm, free]
A Red Rose For Gregory: Tribute to Gregory Isaacs with the Mau Mau Chaplains, Don Chani at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Auroravore, Star and Micey (Memphis), Mrs. Glass at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [10pm, $5]
Guns of Navarone, Clyde and Clem's Whiskey Business, East Cameron Folkcore at Threadgills (301 W. Riverside Dr.) [+]
The Sour Notes, Elaine Greer, Waldo & the Naturals at the Cactus Cafe [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Emory Quinn, Mike Kelly at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Look Mexico, One Trick Monkey, Blondes Make Better Victims at the Dirty Dog Bar (505 East 6th St.) [+] [9pm]

Sat. 7/16

Counter Culture's 2nd Anniversary Beach Party with The Thunderchiefs, The Really Rottens, Combo Mahalo, DJ Tropicana Joe at Counter Culture (120 E. North Loop, at Ave. F) [+] [2pm-7pm, free]
Church Shoes, The Wolf, Cartright at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+]
Iceage, Deskonocidos, Women in Prison, The Creamers at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Suns of Orpheus (CD release), La Guerilla, Martin Perna (of Ocote Soul Sounds) DJ set at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Blackholicus, Baron Grod, Eons Ago, Woolgather at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Thieves, We Are The Union, I Call Fives, The Story So Far at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [5pm]
Ya'll, We Aim To Try, Flowers in the Attic, Triptych, Daytes at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Holiday (CD release), Matthew and the Arrogant Sea, Superlitebike at Club Deville [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Monarchs (album release), Second Line Social (of Soul Happening & Sock Hop DJs) at The Swan Dive (615 Red River) [+] [9pm]
We'll Go Machete, Tow the Line, Watching the Moon at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Brizm Nation with Jean Eric (New Orleans), DJ Disco Tits, DJ Divorcee', Xander Harris at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
Sounds Under Radio, Electric Touch at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Opposite Day, Muchos Backflips at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Ghosts Along the Brazos, So Long Problems, special guests at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [10pm, $5]
Moonlight Towers, Snowbyrd, Wil Cope at Skinny's Ballroom [+]
Str8 Hood Shit with Kid Slyce, Bird Peterson at Plush [a] [m] [+]
Gary Clark Jr., Henry + The Invisables, White Dress at Antones [a] [m] [+]
Kill the Client, Baring Teeth, Lions of Tsavo, Burials at Headhunters [a] [m] [+] [9pm, $5, 21+]
Yele, The Hooch, Zig Zag Illusion, Bodacious Groovies, Good Day Paradise at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]

Sun. 7/17

The Coathangers, The Downtown Struts, Marriage at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Cutting Losses, Overlooked, Doubledealer, Drawback, KILLME at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [5pm]
Full Blown Chaos, SBS, Killer Ape at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Curt's Birthday Show with Deadtown, Ghosts of Texas, Cunto! at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
The Emo's Boat Party Series with Zlam Dunk on a Party Barge on Lake Travis [boat leaves at 5pm at Beach Front Boat Rentals near Volente Beach]
The Shiny Darks, Mary Ann & The Revival Band at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Church of the Friendly Ghost presents Terrence McManus (NYC), Jonathan Horne/Chris Cogburn/Gaute Solaas at the Salvage Vanguard Theater [a] [m] [+] [8pm, $10]
Hello Lovers, Quin Galavis at Antones [a] [m] [+]
Mont Lyons, Devin James Fry, Michael Kincaid at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [10pm]
Whiskey folk Ramblers, Kentucky Knife Fight, Thriftstore Cowboys at Skinny's Ballroom [+] [9pm]
The Music Lab/Raw Deal Battle Of The Bands 15 (Round One/Day Three) featuring Polaris Breach, Mad Martigan, The Astronots, Midnight Riot, The Soulgrass Alliance at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]


Mon. 7/18

Schmillion, The Banana Convention, Adrian and the Sickness, The Beat Dolls at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Slutever, Vomettes, Creationists, Spiked Punch at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Mike and the Moonpies, Rosie and the Ramblers at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [10pm, $3]
Rock N Roll Karaoke at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Empires at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Dale Watson & his Lone Stars at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+] [10pm]

Tue. 7/19

Kottonmouth Kings, Kingspade, Dirtball, Johnny Richter, D-Loc, DJ Bobby D at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Mike and the Moonpies at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 5pm, free]
From the Mind of Adi presents The Couch, Three Leaf, Little Radar at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 8pm]
EZ Action with DJ Scorpio at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
Miss Melvis, Alejandro Escovedo & The Sensitive Boys at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+] [10pm]
El Pan and friends at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [10pm]

Wed. 7/20

Lola Cola at the Spiderhouse Ballroom (formerly United States Art Authority, 510 W. 29th St.) [+]
The Wooden Birds, ((Sounder)), Gold Beach at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Ancient VVisdom at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [upstairs patio, 5pm]
The Warplanes, Maryann & The Revival Band at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Rock Salt Shotgun, Crystal Garden at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm, free]
Eels, The Submarines at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
My Education at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 10pm]
The MJPR, Eli James + Ralph Rich, DJ's Prince Valium And Bungalow Phil at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
Dreadneck Night with the Mau Mau Chaplains at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+] [free]
Restavrant, Chili Cold Blood, Franny & Zooey at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+] [10pm]
The Dalles, The Head (Atlanta), Brandy Zdan at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [10pm]
Danzer Danzer (10pm), Ukulele Night with Sweetpea and friends, open mic (7-9pm) at Skinny's Ballroom [+]

Thu. 7/21

Mammox, Transmography, Greg Ginn, The Royal We at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+] [7pm]
The Lo-Fives (reunion, members of the White Ghost Shivers and The Flashboys), The Beta Rhythm, Smithers at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Mont Lyons, We Were Wolves, Diesel and Dixie at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Taking on Poseidon, Among These Oceans, Really Annoying When Repeated, Surrender Yourself, Settlements at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [6pm]
Conditions, Valencia, Anarbor at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Boxing Lesson at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
The American Spirit at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 5pm, free]
Mexicans With Guns at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
Dead Left, Doug Strahan and the Brethren, Hawk and Owl at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [10pm]
Shakey Graves, Rooster Jenkins, Ukemi at Skinny's Ballroom [+] [9pm]
Local Authors Book Signing Party with Miranda Dodson at Skinny's Ballroom [+] [5-9pm]
Cherry Royale, Candace Bellamy, Venus Fixer at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Scooch By Scoot Inn with Pure Luck, The Dirty Charlie Band, Churchwood, Hickoids, The Reaction at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Slow Poisoner (SF), Cindy, Attic Ted at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]

Fri. 7/22

Rainbow Dragons, Militant Babies, Excited States at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+] [7pm]
Mission of Burma, Ume, Daniel Francis Doyle at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 8pm]
White White Lights, Residual Kid at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 11:30pm]
M.OT.O., The Fleshlights, Love Collector, The Stuffies, The Restrooms at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Artery Foundation Summer Tour with In Fear & Faith, Vanna, A Loss For Words, Close To Home, Ten After Two, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, Adestria at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
The Supervillains, Eleven Fingered Charlie at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
GFF IV with Saviours, Mammoth Grinder, Eagle Claw, Skycrawler at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
December Boys, The Ripe, Bobby Jealousy, Fast Luke and the Lead Heavy at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [9pm, $5]
subNatural, Art Versus Industry, The Abyss at Elysium [a] [m] [+]
Yellowman, Mau Mau Chaplains, DJ Ivor at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Orion, Sammo Soundboy at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
Stone Fox Booking presents Sleep Good, Blank Fritz (formerly Sunset), Yes Way, Range of Light Wilderness at Baby Blue Studios (1522 E. 12th St., near Comal) [+] [9pm]
Scooch By Scoot Inn with Pong, Dash Rip Rock, Pocket FishRmen, Texas Sapphires at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Country Mice, Boy at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 11pm]
Bali Yaaah, The Shears, BK & Mr. E at Frank (4th and Colorado) [+]
White Ghost Shivers, Bee vs Moth, The Preservation at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+] [9:30pm]
Jitterbug Vipers, Sweetmeat at Skinny's Ballroom [+] [10pm]

Sat. 7/23

See a Little Light with Bob Mould: An Evening of Music and Reading at the Cactus Cafe [a] [m] [+] [8:30pm]
Fuzz Club with DJ's Sue, Topper James, Jackie Sugarlumps at Nasty's (606 Maiden Lane - off Guadalupe St. near 38th) [+] [10pm, $5]
Driftless Pony, Neiliyo, Whitman at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+] [7pm]
Scooch By Scoot Inn with Super Motards, Amplified Heat, Lost Bayou Ramblers, Bexar County Bastards, Babydick, Animal, The PopNoir Soundsystem at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+] [7pm]
Big Foot Chester, The Reaction (S.F.), Zero Skills, Living Dead at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [9pm, $5]
Iggi's Texatarian One Year Anniversary Party with Abominable Mex, Planets, Wicked Poseur, DJ Fredster, DJ uLOVEi, The Bang Bang Theodores, Grand Child, Leg Sweeper, The Nouns, B L A C K I E, Coma in Algiers, Spells at Cheer Up Charlies (1104 E. 6th St.) [+] [free]
Harvey Milk, House Of Lightning, Hatred Surge at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Deskonocidos (last show), Manikin, The Altars, Women In Prison at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Brownout!, Chingo Bling at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 8pm]
Henry & the Invisibles, Gobi at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 11:30pm]
La Loteria 2011 (band lottery) at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Motel Aviv, Glasnost, DJ Richard Gear at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
The Black, San Saba County at Skinny's Ballroom [+] [10pm]
Folkcore, Waiting for August, Squint, Christian Bland at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 8pm]
The Bandulus, La Guerilla, Bohunks, Los de Este Noche at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]

Sun. 7/24

The Green Door eclectic record party with DJ Soul Survivor (Cody Moore), host Scotty Upton at Rio Rita Lounge [a] [m] [+] [10pm, free]
Mont Lyons, Devin James Fry, Michael Kincaid at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [10pm]


Mon. 7/25

Yourself and The Air, Royal Forest at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
The Slaughter Survivors Tour with Conducting From The Grave, Rings Of Saturn, Scale The Summit, The Contortionist, Volumes, Structures at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Rock N Roll Karaoke at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Leatherbag at Waterloo Records [a] [m] [+] [5pm, free]
Dale Watson & his Lone Stars at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+] [10pm]
Mike and the Moonpies, Halley Anna at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [10pm, $3]

Tue. 7/26

Frustrations at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Ludo, Sparks the Rescue, Tommy & The High Pilots at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Moonface at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
EZ Action with DJ Scorpio at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]

Wed. 7/27

Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire, Transient, BOARS, Burials at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
The Great Nostalgic, Paperthreat, Balto at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
The Baker Family, Second Lovers, Dark Water Hymnal at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Denney & The Jets, Simple Circuit, Eets Feats, Shakedown Alley at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Dreadneck Night with the Mau Mau Chaplains at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+] [free]
Restavrant, Hilary York, Service Industry at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+] [10pm]
The Dalles at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+]
Invincible Czars, Dissonant Romantics, Duckmandu at Skinny's Ballroom [+] [9pm]
Owl City, Unwed Sailor at ACL Live at the Moody Theater [a] [m] [+] [doors at 6pm, show at 7pm]

Thu. 7/28

Liturgy, Bat Castle, Whore of Bethlehem at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Grand Champeen at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Little Radar, more TBA at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
Sheer Khan & the Space Case, Misfitz, Gray the New Black, Befriend the Bears, A Good Rogering at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Leatherbag (CD release!), RTB2, The Wolf at Skinny's Ballroom [+] [10pm]

Fri. 7/29

Hospital Ships at Waterloo Records [a] [m] [+] [5pm, free]
Iron and Wine at the Paramount Theater [a] [m] [+] [7pm, benefit for the Midwives Alliance of North America]
Magnifico, White Ghost Shivers, Total Unicorn at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Hospital Ships, Paper Hotel, White Hotel at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Children in Heat, Dolls From The Crypt, The Gorehounds, Capricorn USA (Motorhead tribute) at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Sober, Eli Escobar at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
He Is We, Ocean Grove at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Holding Space, Flatland Travelers, Fatback Circus at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Soul Happening at the Legendary White Swan (1906 E. 12th St.) [+] [10pm]
Vitamins, Burning Avalanche at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [10pm, $5]
Children of the Feather, Wild Child, The Libations, Jubilee Theater at Skinny's Ballroom [+] [9pm]

Sat. 7/30

Adelitas (PDX), Cruddy, Queen St. at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+]
Modok, Curse the Heavens, TBA at the Carousel Lounge [a] [m] [+]
Sloppy Seconds, Lower Class Brats, Creamers at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Weird Weeds, Sleep Good, Lean Hounds at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
The Watermarks, DJ Mel at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
Knuckle Rumbler presents Summer Sweat with Mayer Hawthorne (DJ set), KP and the Boom Boom, Soul Track Mind at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Possessed By Paul James, Restavrant at Ruta Maya [a] [m] [+]
Blondes Make Better Victims, DC Fallout, Saturday's Radar, Samuel Caldwell's Revenge at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Stiffneck, The Contrabandits at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Quarter The Villain, Vile Aura, Sweatlodge, Rust, Humut Tabal at Trophy's [a] [m] [+] [8pm doors]
Neon Cobra, Zenith Fuzzbomb, Small Bones (New Orleans) at Headhunters [a] [m] [+] [9pm]

Sun. 7/31

Big Freedia Boat Party at Beach Front Boat Rentals (16120 FM 2769) [11am-4pm, 21+, $25]
Mickey Avalon at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Yob, Dark Castle, The Roller at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Joanna Newsom at the Paramount Theater [a] [m] [+] [7pm]
Caitlin Rose at Waterloo Records [a] [m] [+] [5pm, free]
Sundays Best with A House A Home + guests at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]


Mon. 8/1

Rad Bromance, See Camden at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Rock N Roll Karaoke at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Dale Watson & his Lone Stars at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+] [10pm]

Tue. 8/2

Arctic Monkeys at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Volbeat, Cold, Anchored at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
The Ugly Beats, Benny Peters at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+]

Wed. 8/3

Ringworm, Nails, New Lows, Bitter End at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Super Water Sympathy at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Jimmy Gnecco (of Ours) at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Ke$ha, LMFAO, Spank Rock at Cedar Park Center (2100 Avenue of the Stars, Cedar Park) [+]

Thu. 8/4

Candi + The Cavities, Kingdom of Suicide Lovers, Ichi Ni San Shi, Hatchet Wound at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
The Fixx, Naked Eyes at Antones [a] [m] [+]
Monte Negro at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Lonesome Heroes, Monarchs at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+] [10pm]

Fri. 8/5

Woods, White Fence, Holy Wave, outside, 8pm at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Weasel Walter Quintet (Weasel Walter, drums/Damon Smith, bass/Sandy Ewen, guitar/Jonathan Horne, guitar/Carl Smith, saxophone), The Weird Weeds, The Plutonium Farmers at Skinny's Ballroom [+] [9pm, $5]
Toxic Holocaust at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Proclamation (Spain), Black Witchery, Mammoth Grinder at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Miss Universe 20th Anniversary Reunion Show with Miss Universe, Gomez at Opal Divine's Freehouse at Penn Field (3601 South Congress) [+] [9pm]
Deathrock Disko 4 Year Anniversary with DJs Malediction & None, special guest DJ Damage Done at Elysium [a] [m] [+] [9:30pm]

Sat. 8/6

Dexter Romweber at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+]
Tally Hall, Speak, Casey Shea at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
101X Homegrown Live with Automusik (inside), Mr. Lewis and The Funeral 5 (CD release), Moonlight Towers, Dead Swagger (outside) at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+] [8pm, $6]
Some Say Leland, Hyena, Scan Hopper, Ghastly Sleep City at Skinny's Ballroom [+] [9pm]
Avi Buffalo at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]

Sun. 8/7

100 Monkeys at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]


Mon. 8/8

Caitlin Rose at Waterloo Records [a] [m] [+] [1pm, free]
The Decemberists, Caitlin Rose at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Deadman at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 10pm]
Rock N Roll Karaoke at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]

Tue. 8/9

Leather at Beerland [a] [m] [+]

Wed. 8/10

Dwarves, Nashville Pussy at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Gardens and Villa, Motopony at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Hard Summer Tour with Digitalism, Caspa, Jack Beats, Destructo at Stubb's [a] [m] [+]

Thu. 8/11

World Club at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
These Mad Dogs of Glory, Eyes Lips Eyes at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]

Fri. 8/12

Daniel Francis Doyle, YellowFever, D.U.G.O.U.T.C.A.N.O.E., MMCIII at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+]
Dum Dum Girls (guitar duo set), Mark Sultan/BBQ, Night Beats, The UFO Club at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Trae The Truth at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
David Mayfield Parade, Jesse Woods, Ariel Abshire at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]

Sat. 8/13

Beltones at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Henry & the Invisibles, DJ Chorizo Funk, Kabomba at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 8pm]

Sun. 8/14

Torche, Big Business, Thrones at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
311, Sublime, Rome at the The Backyard at Bee Cave [a] [m] [+]


Tue. 8/16

Ariel Abshire at Waterloo Records [a] [m] [+] [5pm, free]
Bird Call, Johanna and The Dusty Floor at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+]
Stone Temple Pilots at ACL Live at the Moody Theater [a] [m] [+]

Wed. 8/17

Adam Arcuragi & The Lupine Chorale Society at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Bush at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm]

Thu. 8/18

The Dangerous Summer at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]

Fri. 8/19

Dead Prez, Roosh Williams, Riders Against the Storm, One Against Many at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
The Calm Blue Sea, My Education, Clouds Are Ghosts (record release), The Gary at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Blue October, IAmDynamite at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Trevor Hall at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 10pm]

Sat. 8/20

Red 7's 5th Anniversary with St. Vitus, Dixie Witch, The Roller, Mela Suerte at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
El Ten Eleven, The Globes at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 8pm]
The Appleseed Cast at ND (501 IH-35, entrance at 5th and Brushy) [+]
Eyes Burn Electric, Art vs. Industry, Paper Hotel at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Daniel Isn't Dead Yet Birthday Extravaganza with Skyacre Spyplane, dumb, A Good Rogering, omgwtfbbq at Trophy's [a] [m] [+]


Mon. 8/22

Greeley Estates, The Plot In You, Life On Repeat, Miracle At St. Anna, Everyone Dies In Utah at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]

Wed. 8/24

Latch Key Kids, The Fake Boys, Deadly Reign at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
The Dear Hunter, Wild Orchid Children, O'Brother at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Dawes, Robert Ellis at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+]

Thu. 8/25

Frank Smith, East Cameron Folkcore, Possessed By Paul James at Antones [a] [m] [+]

Fri. 8/26

Handsome Furs at Waterloo Records [a] [m] [+] [5pm, free]
Nekromantix, Brains, Sober Daze at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Handsome Furs at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 8pm]
STS9 at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside]

Sat. 8/27

Riverboat Gamblers, Dead to Me, Off With Their Heads, JT Habersaat, The Fleshlights at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Mother Falcon, Marmalakes, Little Lo, Hello Wheels at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm]
STS9 at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside]

Sun. 8/28

The Go-Gos at the Paramount Theater [a] [m] [+]


Tue. 8/30

Mister Heavenly at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 6:30pm]

Wed. 8/31

The Olivia Tremor Control, Music Tapes at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]

Thu. 9/1

The Men, Grave Babies at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]

Fri. 9/2

White Mystery at Beerland [a] [m] [+]
Dodos, The Luyas at Antones [a] [m] [+]

Sat. 9/3

Jim Ward (Sparta/Sleepercar), Lusitania at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Buddy Guy at ACL Live at the Moody Theater [a] [m] [+] [doors at 6:30pm, show at 8pm]


Tue. 9/6

Tim Kasher (of Cursive), Aficionado at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]

Wed. 9/7

Sade, John legend at the Erwin Center [a] [m] [+]

Thu. 9/8

Japandroids, Bass Drum of Death at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]

Sun. 9/11

Butthole Surfers at Emo's East (2015 E. Riverside) [+]


Tue. 9/13

Bon Iver, Kathleen Edwards at the Long Center [a] [m] [+]
Deadmau5 at the Austin Music Hall [a] [m] [+]

Wed. 9/14

Cute Lepers, Something Fierce at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Deadmau5 at the Austin Music Hall [a] [m] [+]
Santana, Michael Franti at ACL Live at the Moody Theater [a] [m] [+] [doors at 6:30pm, show at 8pm]

Fri. 9/16

Austin City Limits Music Festival with Kanye West, Coldplay, Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley, Bright Eyes, Santigold, Big Boi, Cold War Kids, Delta Spirit, Foster the People, Smith Westerns, James Blake, Wild Beasts, Phosphorescent, Cave Singers, more at Zilker Park [+]

Sat. 9/17

Ty Segall, Mikal Cronin at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 8pm]
Austin City Limits Music Festival with Stevie Wonder, My Morning Jacket, Alison Krauss & Union Station, Cee Lo, Cut Copy, TV on the Radio, Skrillex, Iron & Wine, Chromeo, Gillian Welch, Twin Shadow, The Antlers, Wanda Jackson, more at Zilker Park [+]

Sun. 9/18

Austin City Limits Music Festival with Arcade Fire, Fleet Foxes, Social Distortion, Empire of the Sun, Randy Newman, Broken Social Scene, Death From Above 1979, The Airborne Toxic Event, Elbow, The Walkmen, Gomez, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., The Head and the Heart, The Vaccines, more at Zilker Park [+]


Mon. 9/19

Two Gallants at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]

Wed. 9/21

The Horrors at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Boyce Avenue at Antones [a] [m] [+] [8pm]

Thu. 9/22

Agnostic Front, The Bitter End, The Mongoloids, Naysayer at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Loretta Lynn at ACL Live at the Moody Theater [a] [m] [+]
Hanson at Antones [a] [m] [+] [8pm]

Fri. 9/23

Erasure at ACL Live at the Moody Theater [a] [m] [+]

Sat. 9/24

The Big 4 Tribute at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
"Weird Al" Yankovic's Alpocalypse Tour at ACL Live at the Moody Theater [a] [m] [+]

Sun. 9/25

Queensryche at Emo's East (2015 E. Riverside) [+]


Thu. 9/29

Blondie at ACL Live at the Moody Theater [a] [m] [+]

Fri. 9/30

Boz Scaggs, Michael McDonald at ACL Live at the Moody Theater [a] [m] [+] [doors 6:30pm, show 8pm]
Meshell Ndegeocello at One World Theater [+] [7pm and 9:30pm]

Sat. 10/1

Kyuss, The Sword, Monstro at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm]
Cymbals Eat Guitars, Hooray for Earth at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Why?, Serengeti at the Central Presbyterian Church (200 E. 8th St.) [+]
Incubus, Young The Giant at the The Backyard at Bee Cave [a] [m] [+] [6:30pm]


Mon. 10/3

Frank Turner, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Into It Over It at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Gang Gang Dance at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 6:30pm]
Viva Voce at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]

Tue. 10/4

Braids, Pepper Rabbit, Painted Palms at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Opeth, Katatonia at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm]

Fri. 10/7

Dolly Parton at Cedar Park Center (2100 Avenue of the Stars, Cedar Park) [+]

Sat. 10/8

Toro Y Moi, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Bass Drum of Death at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 8pm]


Tue. 10/11

Friendly Fires at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+] [8pm]

Wed. 10/12

Liam Finn at ND (501 IH-35, entrance at 5th and Brushy) [+]
Tapes 'N Tapes, Howler at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Dark Dark Dark, A Hawk & Hacksaw at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]

Thu. 10/13

OMD at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+]
Sabaton, Blackguard at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]

Sat. 10/15

Bob Log III, Mr. Free and the Satellite Freakout at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 8pm]
Electric Six, Kitten at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]


Tue. 10/18

Peter Frampton (performing "Frampton Comes Alive") at ACL Live at the Moody Theater [a] [m] [+]

Wed. 10/19

Hawthorne Heights at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Adele at the Erwin Center [a] [m] [+]

Fri. 10/21

Battles at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
The Naked and Famous at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+]
Little River Band at One World Theater [+] [7pm and 9:30pm]

Sat. 10/22

Pierced Arrows, Don't (ex-Wipers), The Young at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]


Mon. 10/24

St. Vincent at ACL Live at the Moody Theater [a] [m] [+]

Wed. 10/26

Huey Lewis and the News at the Long Center [a] [m] [+] [7:30pm]

Sat. 10/29

Beirut at Stubb's [a] [m] [+]
Wild Flag, Drew Grow and the Pastors' Wives at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Shonen Knife: Osaka Ramones (Ramones tribute) at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Bassnectar at Cedar Park Center (2100 Avenue of the Stars, Cedar Park) [+]

Sun. 10/30

CSS, Men at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+]


Fri. 11/4

Fun Fun Fun Fest at Auditorium Shores (950 W. Riverside Dr.) [+]

Sat. 11/5

Fun Fun Fun Fest at Auditorium Shores (950 W. Riverside Dr.) [+]

Sun. 11/6

Fun Fun Fun Fest at Auditorium Shores (950 W. Riverside Dr.) [+]


Fri. 11/11

Yellowcard at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]


Thu. 12/8

The Sea and Cake at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7:30pm]