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Archive List Beginning July 28, 2011

Thu. 7/28

Leatherbag at End of an Ear [a] [m] [+] [6pm, free]
Liturgy, Bat Castle, Whore of Bethlehem at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Grand Champeen, Grape St., Bi-Polar Bears at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Contact High Five (record release), Bike Problems, Capitalist Kids, The Millipede at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Shitty Carwash, Cocker Spaniels, High in One Eye, DJ John Matthew Walker at Club Deville [a] [m] [+] [9pm, $5, 21+]
Machine Gun Kelly, The Niceguys, Simple Success feat. Kulture Rebel, IB3, J-Nel at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Dad Jim, The Dirty Charley Band, Travis County Bedlam at Lovejoys [a] [m] [+]
Little Radar, more TBA at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
The Couch, Bombing Stassney, Beyond the Fade at the Parish [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Sheer Khan & the Space Case, Misfitz, Gray the New Black, Befriend the Bears, A Good Rogering at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Softhealer, Thousandfoot Whale Claw, Riley Walker Daniel Bachman at the Spiderhouse Ballroom (formerly United States Art Authority, 510 W. 29th St.) [+] [10pm]
Leatherbag (CD release!), RTB2, The Wolf at Skinny's Ballroom [+] [10pm]
James and the Douchebags at the Carousel Lounge [a] [m] [+]
Dead Swagger, The Goofs, Wildcat, Jaimee Harris, Over Yonder at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]

Fri. 7/29

Tee Double, Hobo D, OT23, Danbone, DJ Spence, DJ Boya at Backspin Records [a] [m] [+] [6pm, free]
Hospital Ships at Waterloo Records [a] [m] [+] [5pm, free]
Strange Attractors, Lola Cola, Shakedown Alley, Kingdom of Suicide Lovers at the Spiderhouse Ballroom (formerly United States Art Authority, 510 W. 29th St.) [+] [10pm]
Iron and Wine at the Paramount Theater [a] [m] [+] [7pm, benefit for the Midwives Alliance of North America]
Magnifico, White Ghost Shivers, Total Unicorn at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Hospital Ships, Paper Hotel, Featherface, White Hotel at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Philip Sambol, Denney & the Jets, The Vomettes, Maine Coons at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Children in Heat, Dolls From The Crypt, The Gorehounds, Capricorn USA (Motorhead tribute) at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Sober, Eli Escobar at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
He Is We, Ocean Grove at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Holding Space, Flatland Travelers, Fatback Circus at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Vagabond Collective presents The Eastern Sea, Cartright, The Calm Blue Sea, Prawn, My Empty Phantom at the Parish [a] [m] [+] [7pm]
Burning Up the Runway - A Freak Fashion Show and Variety Revue with Rebecca Havemeyer, Erika Maassen, Starlite, Wonder Nexus, Dristi Dancers at ND (501 IH-35, entrance at 5th and Brushy) [+] [9pm]
Knifight, Young Girls, A Sky Jet Black, Lonely Ladies DJs at Hotel Vegas (1500 E. 6th St.) [+] [10pm, free, 21+]
Distance Runner, The Pons, The Town Hall Devils at Frank (4th and Colorado) [+] [10pm]
Soul Happening at the Legendary White Swan (1906 E. 12th St.) [+] [10pm]
Vitamins, Burning Avalanche at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [10pm, $5]
Pastures, Matt McCloskey, Paul Banks & the Carousels at Skinny's Ballroom [+] [10pm]
Bad Chapters, Monument to No One at Trophy's [a] [m] [+] [10pm]
Possessed By Paul James, Restavrant, Hancock Co. at Ruta Maya [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
The Blue Flames, The Rat Scallions, F.B.S., The Scurvies, The Sonomatics at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]
Arise the Empire, Chronolung, Cities of Enemies at Headhunter's Cannibal Stage (back patio) [+]
Something Called Nothing, She Craves, Matches For Memories, Righteous Brisket, Spitting Angels at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]

Sat. 7/30

Horse+Donkey, Diagonals, Soft Healer, The Early Stages at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Rubberneck 1st Issue Party with Zoltars, Followed By Static, Dikes Of Holland, Elvis at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [afternoon show, 2pm]
Adelitas (PDX), Cruddy, Queen St. at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+]
Modok, Curse the Heavens, TBA at the Carousel Lounge [a] [m] [+]
Sloppy Seconds, Lower Class Brats, Creamers, Jensen Eyes at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Weird Weeds, Sleep Good, Lean Hounds at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
My Jerusalem, Tacks The Boy Disaster, Watch Out For Rockets at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Big Freedia, DJ Mel at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
Ballroom Disaster with Sara O, Katy June & Rockie and Wildcat, Bobby Jealousy at the Spiderhouse Ballroom (formerly United States Art Authority, 510 W. 29th St.) [+] [10pm]
Black Ocean Parking Lots, Bitch Stole My Dog at The Palace Flophouse (1408 Concordia Ave.) [9pm, free]
RJD2, Almost Honest at the Belmont (305 W. 6th St.) [+] [8pm]
North of Autumn, Peter Wagner at the Parish [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Knuckle Rumbler presents Summer Sweat with Mayer Hawthorne (DJ set), Rye Rye, KP and the Boom Boom, Soul Track Mind at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Golden Hornet Project presents Percussion VII with Graham Reynolds, Peter Stopchinski, Owen Weaver, Thomas Burritt, Chuck Fischer at ND (501 IH-35, entrance at 5th and Brushy) [+] [8pm]
Possessed By Paul James, Restavrant at Ruta Maya [a] [m] [+]
Little Lo, The Sour Notes, Golden Spine, Tactics, Magnificent Snails at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+] [9pm, $5, 21+]
Blondes Make Better Victims, DC Fallout, Saturday's Radar, Samuel Caldwell's Revenge at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Stiffnecked Fools, The Contrabandits at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Neiliyo, DJ Hot Britches!, Focus Group at Frank (4th and Colorado) [+] [9:30pm]
Jungle Juke Party with The Procbaborgany Collective, DJ Bottom Heavy at Bernadette's Bar (2039 Airport Blvd - between Manor and MLK) [+] [9pm-1am]
Eye in the Sky Collective presents A Cowboys & Indians Party with Children of the Feather, Wild Child, The Libations, Jubilee Theater at Skinny's Ballroom [+] [9pm]
Whalers, Graham Wilkinson and the Underground Township, Boy at Lamberts [a] [m] [+] [10:30pm]
Quarter The Villain, Vile Aura, Sweatlodge, Rust, Humut Tabal at Trophy's [a] [m] [+] [8pm doors]
Neon Cobra, Zenith Fuzzbomb, Small Bones (New Orleans), Voice of Addiction at Headhunters [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
420 Magazine presents Broken Teeth, Snake Skin Prison, Powderburn, Calling All War at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]

Sun. 7/31

Big Freedia Boat Party at Beach Front Boat Rentals (16120 FM 2769) [11am-4pm, 21+, $25]
You Got Me Fucked Up! with Cowabunga Babes, Aaron Blount at the Spiderhouse Ballroom (formerly United States Art Authority, 510 W. 29th St.) [+] [10pm]
Inches to Pixels, The Copper Gamins at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Mickey Avalon, Kid Mac, Foot Patrol at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Yob, Dark Castle, The Roller at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Stone Fox Booking presents Lazy Sunday with Tia Carrera, Ghost Wolves, The Eastern Sea, Austin Leonard Jones at Cheer Up Charlies (1104 E. 6th St.) [+] [6pm-10pm]
Joanna Newsom at the Paramount Theater [a] [m] [+] [7pm]
Caitlin Rose at Waterloo Records [a] [m] [+] [5pm, free]
Sundays Best with A House A Home + guests at the Beauty Bar [a] [m] [+]
Church of the Friendly Ghost presents Kendra Steiner Editions 5th Anniversary Concert with Greg Stuart/Nick Hennies, Brent Fariss/Rick Reed, Venison Whirled, Vanessa Rossetto, R. Lee Dockery, Rick Reed, Brent Fariss at the Salvage Vanguard Theater [a] [m] [+] [7pm, $5]
Blasphemer, Cerebral Effusion, Coathanger Abortion, Disfigured, Scattered Remains at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]
Perversum, Eviscerated, Venomous Supremacy at Headhunter's Cannibal Stage (back patio) [+]
The Music Lab/Raw Deal Battle Of The Bands 15 (Round One/Day Five) featuring The Prawns, Starma, Sleep When You're Dead, Stillborn Skies, Through Departures & Arrivals at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]


Mon. 8/1

Cowabunga Babes at The Grand (4631 Airport Blvd, Ste. 121) [+] [last show in Austin]
Rad Bromance, See Camden at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Rock N Roll Karaoke at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Dale Watson & his Lone Stars at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+] [10pm]

Tue. 8/2

Silent Diane, Sophia Knapp, Hidden Ritual at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Dad Jim, Josh Allen & the Whiskey Brothers, Christy Hays & Her Sunday Best, Country Willie at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Arctic Monkeys, Young Buffalo at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Volbeat, Cold, Anchored at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
The Ugly Beats, Benny Peters at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+]
Prayers for Atheists, Parking, Anti-Scene, Jared Paul at ND (501 IH-35, entrance at 5th and Brushy) [+] [9pm]
Tony Locke and the Skeleton Keys at the Spiderhouse Ballroom (formerly United States Art Authority, 510 W. 29th St.) [+] [11:30pm]
Blood Of Comrades, Falling In November, Dreaming Of Insanity (Waco), Evolution's Epitaph at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]

Wed. 8/3

Top of the Pops with Simple Circiut at the Spiderhouse Ballroom (formerly United States Art Authority, 510 W. 29th St.) [+] [10pm]
Ringworm, Nails, New Lows, Bitter End at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Blank Generation at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Super Water Sympathy, F for Fake at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Kids & Explosions, Total Unicorn, Benjamin Wesley at ND (501 IH-35, entrance at 5th and Brushy) [+] [9pm]
Jimmy Gnecco (of Ours) at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
He's My Brother She's My Sister, Cowboy & Indian at Lamberts [a] [m] [+] [10:30pm]
Ke$ha, LMFAO, Spank Rock at Cedar Park Center (2100 Avenue of the Stars, Cedar Park) [+]
G Dub Funk, Rick Mo, Cyrios (Houston), Little Saigon, Parker at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]

Thu. 8/4

Candi + The Cavities, Kingdom of Suicide Lovers, Ichi Ni San Shi, Hatchet Wound at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Absence of Fear, Seize the Prophet, A City for the Taking, Come Forth at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [early show, 6pm]
Damp Heat, Void Strider, Early Stages at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [late show, 10pm, free]
For Hours and Ours, Grundel in the Bronx at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
That 1 Guy, Henry & The Invisibles at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Watching the Moon, Funeral Cab at Lovejoys [a] [m] [+]
Monte Negro at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Lonesome Heroes, Monarchs at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+] [10pm]
Well Aware Wrap Up Party with Ralph White at Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.) [+] [7thought pm]
Liars and Saints, Marshall Hood at Lamberts [a] [m] [+] [10:30pm]
Eyes of Nine, Downfall, Casino Clocks, The Follow at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]
Panacea, Moonlit Spectrum, SOUP, Drifter GTX, Mountains at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]

Fri. 8/5

The Ripe, Boy, Voyager Golden Record, One Hundred Flowers at ND (501 IH-35, entrance at 5th and Brushy) [+] [9pm]
Woods, White Fence, Holy Wave at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 8pm]
Really Big Birds, Leaving at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 11:30pm]
Weasel Walter Quintet (Weasel Walter, drums/Damon Smith, bass/Sandy Ewen, guitar/Jonathan Horne, guitar/Carl Smith, saxophone), The Weird Weeds, The Plutonium Farmers at Skinny's Ballroom [+] [9pm, $5]
Toxic Holocaust, Holy Grail, Krum Bums at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Proclamation (Spain), Black Witchery, Mammoth Grinder, Disfigured at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Three Bad Jacks at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Miss Universe 20th Anniversary Reunion Show with Miss Universe, Gomez at Opal Divine's Freehouse at Penn Field (3601 South Congress) [+] [9pm]
Deathrock Disko 4 Year Anniversary with DJs Malediction & None, special guest DJ Damage Done at Elysium [a] [m] [+] [9:30pm]
Los Skarnales at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
The Sweat Bros., Al Chemist at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]
Agave Love, Burning Avalanche, Devola, Knuckle Sammich, Saturday Night Special at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]

Sat. 8/6

Dexter Romweber at the Continental Club [a] [m] [+]
Spiderhouse 15th Bday with Zorch (Cassingle release/tour kickoff), Fresh Millions, Marmalakes, Boyfrndz, Forever Overhead, Boys Life, Butcher Bear vs. Soundfounder at the Spiderhouse Ballroom (formerly United States Art Authority, 510 W. 29th St.) [+] [9pm]
Hannah Hagar & Emily Persinger, Ed Cooper, One Resistance, little Saigon, The Siren and her Shipwreck, S.O.S at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Tally Hall, Speak, Casey Shea at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Lucy The Poodle presents Chase Frank (album release), Megafauna, Bitter Birds, DJ Selector J at Club Deville [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
White Ghost Shivers at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
101X Homegrown Live with Automusik (inside), Mr. Lewis and The Funeral 5 (CD release), Moonlight Towers, Dead Swagger (outside) at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+] [8pm, $6]
Some Say Leland, Hyena, Scan Hopper, Ghastly Sleep City at Skinny's Ballroom [+] [9pm]
Avi Buffalo at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Jamaican Independence Day with Inner Visions at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Chicago at ACL Live at the Moody Theater [a] [m] [+] [6:30pm doors, 8pm show]
Awesome Death, 461, A Blessing and a Curse, Bi-Polar Gentlemen at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]
Befriend the Bears at Headhunter's Cannibal Stage (back patio) [+]
Polaris Breach, Critical Assembly, Lug, Rock Salt Shotgun, Eyes Over The Watchtower at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Blasted Engines, Whiskey Wise Tales at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+] [inside]

Sun. 8/7

Diagonals, The Early Stages, Yorba Linda at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+]
You Got Me Fucked Up! with Dead Space, Son Voxx at the Spiderhouse Ballroom (formerly United States Art Authority, 510 W. 29th St.) [+] [10pm]
Pine Hill Haints, Ghost Knife at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
100 Monkeys, Stukenberg at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Abstract Rude, DJ Notion at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Done Deals, Lemma, Tea Agular at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]
Afroman, Park N Murray, Kicks and Khords at the Red Eyed Fly [a] [m] [+]


Mon. 8/8

Daikaiju, Motion Turns it On, The Del-Vipers, White Crimes at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Caitlin Rose at Waterloo Records [a] [m] [+] [1pm, free]
The Decemberists, Caitlin Rose at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Deadman at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 10pm]
Rock N Roll Karaoke at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Scattered Trees, The Alternate Routes at Lamberts [a] [m] [+] [10:30pm]

Tue. 8/9

Leather, Mindless at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]

Wed. 8/10

Dwarves, Nashville Pussy, Jesus Christ Superfly at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
G Green, Air Traffic Controllers at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Gardens and Villa, Motopony, Invisible Inks at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Hard Summer Tour with Digitalism, Caspa, Jack Beats, Destructo at Stubb's [a] [m] [+]
Sixty Minute Man, Shotgun Hustler, Treachery of Others at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]

Thu. 8/11

Dikes of Holland, Orca Team, Horse Plus Donkey, Jared Zoltar (solo) at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
The Contribandits, The Zig Zag Illusion at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
World Club at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Bee vs. Moth, No Mas Bodas at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Dismukes at Lovejoys [a] [m] [+]
These Mad Dogs of Glory, Eyes Lips Eyes at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Mumford, Rocket to Nowhere, Interface, Bassturd, brace for Impact, City of Enemies at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]

Fri. 8/12

Daniel Francis Doyle, YellowFever, D.U.G.O.U.T.C.A.N.O.E., MMCIII at Club 1808 [a] [m] [+]
Dum Dum Girls (guitar duo set), Mark Sultan/BBQ, Night Beats, The UFO Club at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 8pm, free with RSVP]
Trae The Truth, XV, Kydd, League of Extraordinary G'z, Ben Al at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Crisis Hotlines, Coyote Slingshot, Best Fwends, Ichi Ni San Shi, Utopia Park at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
David Mayfield Parade, Jesse Woods, Ariel Abshire at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
NoxVita presents Chrissie Chris, Mad Classy, Lefty at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
L.A.X., Gobi at Lamberts [a] [m] [+] [10:30pm]
Orion, Dacinatra at ND (501 IH-35, entrance at 5th and Brushy) [+]
Sneaky Snake, Eyes Wings & Many Other Things, Xander Harris at Skinny's Ballroom [+]
Against the Grain, The Bulemics, The Dirty Charlie Band, Exile, Orbit Mann and Ground Control at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]

Sat. 8/13

Beltones, Flash Boys, Night Siege, Shit Creek at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Motel Aviv at ND (501 IH-35, entrance at 5th and Brushy) [+] [9pm]
Rock the Casbah with DJ Mel at the Parish [a] [m] [+] [10pm]
Lost Soul Revue at Lovejoys [a] [m] [+]
Henry & the Invisibles, DJ Chorizo Funk, Kabomba at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 8pm]
The Broadsiders (Dallas), Dog Co. (Dallas), Sore Losers, The Dispicables (San Antonio), The Booked (Corpus Christie), Avenue Rockers (Corpus Christie), Sniper 66, Those Unruly (San Antonio), the Code 88's (Del Rio) at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]

Sun. 8/14

Torche, Big Business, Thrones at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Burning Avalanche at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
311, Sublime, Rome at the The Backyard at Bee Cave [a] [m] [+]


Mon. 8/15

Knuckle Rumbler presents The Clippers, Sneeze at Skinny's Ballroom [+]

Tue. 8/16

Ariel Abshire at Waterloo Records [a] [m] [+] [5pm, free]
Beat Dolls, Inches to Pixels, Cities of Enemies, Animal Train at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
The Austin Chronicle presents Papercuts Monthly Music series with The Sour Notes at the Palm Door (401 Sabine St.) [+] [7pm-9pm, free, free food, drinks, RSVP]
Bird Call, Johanna and The Dusty Floor at the Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [+]
Stone Temple Pilots at ACL Live at the Moody Theater [a] [m] [+]

Wed. 8/17

Protomen, Descendants Of Erdrick, For The Most Part at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
The Hooten Hallers at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Adam Arcuragi & The Lupine Chorale Society at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Bush at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm]
Dan Sir Danzer dance party (10pm), Ukulele Night (7-9pm) at Skinny's Ballroom [+]

Thu. 8/18

Modok at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Wheelchair Sportscamp, MVSCLZ at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Followed By Static, John Wesley Coleman, The Beta Rhythm at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
The Dangerous Summer at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Dangermuffin, Graham Wilkinson at Lamberts [a] [m] [+] [10pm]
Blue Kabuki, Stella Rose, Mont Lyons at Skinny's Ballroom [+]
Excited States, Leathebag at Lovejoys [a] [m] [+]

Fri. 8/19

Stiff Little Fingers, Crash Gallery, Flesh Lights at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
The Calm Blue Sea, My Education, Clouds Are Ghosts (record release), The Gary at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Dead Prez, Roosh Williams, Riders Against the Storm, One Against Many at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
The Clash/ Joe Strummer Tribute with Flashboys, Clampdown, The Jensen Eyes, Sixty Minute Man at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
BOY, One Hundred Flowers, The Offbeats at Skinny's Ballroom [+]
CLASSIXX, Learning Secrets at the Parish [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
Blue October, IAmDynamite at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Trevor Hall at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 10pm]
Black and White Years, Fresh Millions at Lamberts [a] [m] [+] [10:30pm]
Hamut Tabal, Xapharon, Eternal Crown, Feral Rex, Satanical Torment at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]

Sat. 8/20

Party Barge with The Hex Dispensers, Simple Circuit leaving from Beach Front Boat Rentals (Lake Travis, in Volente) [5:30pm-10pm, info]
Red 7's 5th Anniversary with St. Vitus, Dixie Witch, The Roller, Mela Suerte at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
The Donkeys, Moonlight Towers, Buxton at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
El Ten Eleven, The Globes at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 8pm]
The Appleseed Cast at ND (501 IH-35, entrance at 5th and Brushy) [+]
The Carpettes, The Shadow, Art Institute, Bipolar Bears at Headhunters [a] [m] [+]
Eyes Burn Electric, Art vs. Industry, Paper Hotel at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
The Mole People, The Midgetmen, La Snacks, Milk Thistle at Skinny's Ballroom [+]
Devin the Dude at Lamberts [a] [m] [+] [10:30pm]
Daniel Isn't Dead Yet Birthday Extravaganza with Skyacre Spyplane, dumb, A Good Rogering, omgwtfbbq at Trophy's [a] [m] [+]


Mon. 8/22

Greeley Estates, The Plot In You, Life On Repeat, Miracle At St. Anna, Everyone Dies In Utah, For Every Empire at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]

Tue. 8/23

DNTEL, The One AM Radio, Geotic at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
The Vomettes, City Mouse, Dude Jams, Everyday Problems at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Gabriel Miller Phillips at Cheer Up Charlies (1104 E. 6th St.) [+]

Wed. 8/24

Latch Key Kids, The Fake Boys, Deadly Reign at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
The Dear Hunter, Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground, O'Brother at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Dawes, Robert Ellis at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+]

Thu. 8/25

Shit Creek, The Slow Death, Crisis Hotlines, Bike Problems at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
The Hi-Tones, Heavy Cream at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Equals (CD release), Zlam Dunk, Wild Child, The Couch at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Frank Smith, East Cameron Folkcore, Possessed By Paul James at Antones [a] [m] [+]

Fri. 8/26

Half Mile Fox Fur (EP release), The Gary, Stomping Grounds at Trailer Space [a] [m] [+] [7pm]
Handsome Furs at Waterloo Records [a] [m] [+] [5pm, free]
Yellow Fever (tour kick off) at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
The Frogs at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Nekromantix, Brains, Sober Daze at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Handsome Furs at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 8pm]
The Itals, Ashes of Babylon at Flamingo Cantina [a] [m] [+]
Pixel Invasion - An 8-Bit Party at ND (501 IH-35, entrance at 5th and Brushy) [+]
The Chris Robinson Brotherhood at the Parish [a] [m] [+] [8pm]
STS9 at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Suite 709, In the Pink at Lamberts [a] [m] [+] [10:30pm]
The BoDeans, The Greatcoats at Antones [a] [m] [+] [9pm]

Sat. 8/27

Riverboat Gamblers, Dead to Me, Off With Their Heads, JT Habersaat, The Fleshlights at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Mother Falcon, Marmalakes, Little Lo, Hello Wheels at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm]
Bad Sports at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Eagle Claw, Maleveller, Venemous Maximus, Ancient VVisdom at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Gina Talls Breast Cancer Benefit with The Hex Dispensers, Wild America, Best Fwends at Bernadette's Bar (2039 Airport Blvd - between Manor and MLK) [+] [9pm]
Royal Forest, Golden Beach, The Eastern Sea at Lamberts [a] [m] [+] [10:30pm]
STS9 at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside]

Sun. 8/28

The Go-Gos at the Paramount Theater [a] [m] [+]


Mon. 8/29

Tig Notaro at the Alamo Drafthouse - Ritz Theater (downtown, 320 E 6th St.) [+]
Sick of Sarah, Hunter Valentine, The Vanity Theft at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]

Tue. 8/30

Mister Heavenly at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 6:30pm]
The Ettes at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
The Milk Carton Kids, Buddy at Lamberts [a] [m] [+] [10:30pm]

Wed. 8/31

The Olivia Tremor Control, Music Tapes at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Scary Mondelos at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm, free]

Thu. 9/1

The Men, Grave Babies at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Unstoppable Death Machines at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]

Fri. 9/2

White Mystery, Mouth Breather at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Dodos, The Luyas at Antones [a] [m] [+]
Active Child, Com Truise at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Devildriver, Skeletonwitch, Course of Ruin at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]

Sat. 9/3

Jim Ward (Sparta/Sleepercar), Lusitania at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
The Moaners, Sally Crewe and the Sudden Moves, Bobby Jealousy, Mira Loma and the Bad Vibes at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Gina Talls Breast Cancer Benefit with MC Randa, The Vomettes, Cunto, more TBA at Banana House (3507 Oak Springs Drive)
Radiation City at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Buddy Guy at ACL Live at the Moody Theater [a] [m] [+] [doors at 6:30pm, show at 8pm]

Sun. 9/4

Mugen Huso at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]


Mon. 9/5

Dead Earth Politics, Rattlehead, Kaustic at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]

Tue. 9/6

Tim Kasher (of Cursive), Aficionado at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]

Wed. 9/7

Sade, John legend at the Erwin Center [a] [m] [+]

Thu. 9/8

Japandroids, Bass Drum of Death at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]

Sat. 9/10

O'Death, Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship? at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Drunks, The Dirty Charley Band at Lovejoys [a] [m] [+]

Sun. 9/11

Butthole Surfers, 400 Blows at Emo's East (2015 E. Riverside) [+]
Wavves, Peelander-Z at Emo's [a] [m] [+]


Tue. 9/13

Bon Iver, Kathleen Edwards at the Long Center [a] [m] [+]
Hank III at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Polar Bear Club, Fireworks, Balance & Composure, Make Do And Mend at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Deadmau5 at the Austin Music Hall [a] [m] [+]

Wed. 9/14

Cute Lepers, Something Fierce, Broken Gold, Triple Scorpio at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Deadmau5 at the Austin Music Hall [a] [m] [+]
Santana, Michael Franti at ACL Live at the Moody Theater [a] [m] [+] [doors at 6:30pm, show at 8pm]

Thu. 9/15

Delta Spirit, J. Roddy Walston and the Business, Futurebirds at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
The Dead Rabbits at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Hickoids at Lovejoys [a] [m] [+]
Pretty Lights, Nas, Run DMT at the Austin Music Hall [a] [m] [+]
Old Crow Medicine Show, Hayes Carll at Stubb's [a] [m] [+]
North Mississippi Allstars at Antones [a] [m] [+]

Fri. 9/16

The Obits at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Destruction Unit at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Smith Westerns, Cults at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Twin Shadow, Cut Copy DJ Set, Theophilus London, Diamond Rings at Emo's [a] [m] [+]
Skrillex, Chiddy Bang at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+]
Manu Chao La Ventura at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Lance Herbstrong at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Gary Clark Jr. at Antones [a] [m] [+]
Austin City Limits Music Festival with Kanye West, Coldplay, Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley, Bright Eyes, Santigold, Big Boi, Cold War Kids, Delta Spirit, Foster the People, Smith Westerns, James Blake, Wild Beasts, Phosphorescent, Cave Singers, more at Zilker Park [+]

Sat. 9/17

Ty Segall, Mikal Cronin at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 8pm]
Midnight Snaxxx, Cyclops at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Lucy the Poodle Presents Ditch the Fest at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Death From Above 1979, The Vaccines at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Wild Beasts, Telekinesis at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
The Head and The Heart, The Moondoggies at Antones [a] [m] [+]
Phosphorescent, Little Hurricane at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Bright Eyes, Kurt Vile and The Violators at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Yellow Ostrich at Lamberts [a] [m] [+]
Fitz and The Tantrums, Aloe Blacc & The Grand Scheme at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+]
Empire of The Sun, Mayer Hawthorne & The County at the Austin Music Hall [a] [m] [+]
Austin City Limits Music Festival with Stevie Wonder, My Morning Jacket, Alison Krauss & Union Station, Cee Lo, Cut Copy, TV on the Radio, Skrillex, Iron & Wine, Chromeo, Gillian Welch, Twin Shadow, The Antlers, Wanda Jackson, more at Zilker Park [+]

Sun. 9/18

Iron & Wine, Yim Yames at Stubb's [a] [m] [+]
Austin City Limits Music Festival with Arcade Fire, Fleet Foxes, Social Distortion, Empire of the Sun, Randy Newman, Broken Social Scene, Death From Above 1979, The Airborne Toxic Event, Elbow, The Walkmen, Gomez, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., The Head and the Heart, The Vaccines, more at Zilker Park [+]


Mon. 9/19

Two Gallants at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]

Tue. 9/20

Goddamn Gallows at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Woodsman, Holy Wave, Manatee Tights at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]

Wed. 9/21

The Horrors at the Parish [a] [m] [+]
Kitchen's Floor, Fat History Month at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Boyce Avenue at Antones [a] [m] [+] [8pm]

Thu. 9/22

Agnostic Front, The Bitter End, The Mongoloids, Naysayer at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
The Aggrolites at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Deaf Wish (Australia) at Beerland [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Gypsyhawk, Bridge Farmers at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
Hell City Kings, Chelsea Hotel at Lovejoys [a] [m] [+]
Loretta Lynn at ACL Live at the Moody Theater [a] [m] [+]
Hanson at Antones [a] [m] [+] [8pm]

Fri. 9/23

Neon Indian at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Erasure at ACL Live at the Moody Theater [a] [m] [+]

Sat. 9/24

The Big 4 Tribute at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]
"Weird Al" Yankovic's Alpocalypse Tour at ACL Live at the Moody Theater [a] [m] [+]

Sun. 9/25

Queensryche at Emo's East (2015 E. Riverside) [+]


Tue. 9/27

Junior Boys at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]

Wed. 9/28

Hammerlock at Red 7 [a] [m] [+] [9pm]

Thu. 9/29

Blondie at ACL Live at the Moody Theater [a] [m] [+]
Molotov, Este Vato at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Colour Revolt, Colourmusic, Dignan at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Hammerlock (SF), Jesus Christ Superfly, Blower at Lovejoys [a] [m] [+]

Fri. 9/30

Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band, Austin Lucas & The Bold Party at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Murs, Tabi Booney, Ski Beatz, McKenzie Eddie, Sean O'Connell, Da$h at Antones [a] [m] [+]
Boz Scaggs, Michael McDonald at ACL Live at the Moody Theater [a] [m] [+] [doors 6:30pm, show 8pm]
Meshell Ndegeocello at One World Theater [+] [7pm and 9:30pm]

Sat. 10/1

Kyuss, The Sword, Monstro at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm]
Cymbals Eat Guitars, Hooray for Earth at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Iration, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Through The Roots at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Why?, Serengeti at the Central Presbyterian Church (200 E. 8th St.) [+]
Incubus, Young The Giant at the The Backyard at Bee Cave [a] [m] [+] [6:30pm]


Mon. 10/3

Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Into It Over It at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Gang Gang Dance at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 6:30pm]
Viva Voce at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]

Tue. 10/4

Braids, Pepper Rabbit, Painted Palms at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [inside, 9pm]
Thrice, Kylesa, O'Brother, Moving Mountains at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Opeth, Katatonia at Stubb's [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7pm]
Idiot Glee at the Spiderhouse Ballroom (formerly United States Art Authority, 510 W. 29th St.) [+]

Thu. 10/6

Weedeater, Saviours, Bison BC, Fight Amp at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]

Fri. 10/7

Revolver, Chateau Marmont at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Dolly Parton at Cedar Park Center (2100 Avenue of the Stars, Cedar Park) [+]

Sat. 10/8

Toro Y Moi, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Bass Drum of Death at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 8pm]

Sun. 10/9

Warbringer, Lazarus A.D., Landmine Marathon, Diamond Plate at Emo's [a] [m] [+]


Tue. 10/11

Friendly Fires at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+] [8pm]

Wed. 10/12

Liam Finn, Marques Toliver at ND (501 IH-35, entrance at 5th and Brushy) [+]
Tapes 'N Tapes, Howler at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Dark Dark Dark, A Hawk & Hacksaw at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]

Thu. 10/13

OMD at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+]
Sabaton, Blackguard at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]

Sat. 10/15

Bob Log III, Mr. Free and the Satellite Freakout at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 8pm]
Electric Six, Kitten, Gentlemen Rogues at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]


Tue. 10/18

Peter Frampton (performing "Frampton Comes Alive") at ACL Live at the Moody Theater [a] [m] [+]

Wed. 10/19

Hawthorne Heights at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]
Adele at the Erwin Center [a] [m] [+]

Fri. 10/21

Battles, Nisennenmondai at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
The Naked and Famous at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+]
Little River Band at One World Theater [+] [7pm and 9:30pm]

Sat. 10/22

Pierced Arrows, Don't (ex-Wipers), The Young at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [inside]


Mon. 10/24

St. Vincent at ACL Live at the Moody Theater [a] [m] [+]

Wed. 10/26

Huey Lewis and the News at the Long Center [a] [m] [+] [7:30pm]

Sat. 10/29

Zola Jesus at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+]
Beirut at Stubb's [a] [m] [+]
Wild Flag, Drew Grow and the Pastors' Wives at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]
Shonen Knife: Osaka Ramones (Ramones tribute) at Red 7 [a] [m] [+]
Bassnectar at Cedar Park Center (2100 Avenue of the Stars, Cedar Park) [+]

Sun. 10/30

CSS, Men at La Zona Rosa [a] [m] [+]


Fri. 11/4

Fun Fun Fun Fest with X, The Murder City Devils, Lykke Li, M83, Ra Ra Riot, Asobi Seksu, Okkervil River, Kid Dynamite, Flying Lotus, Reggie Watts, Brian Posehn, tUnE-yArDs, Hum, Odd Future, more TBA at Auditorium Shores (950 W. Riverside Dr.) [+]

Sat. 11/5

Fun Fun Fun Fest at Auditorium Shores (950 W. Riverside Dr.) [+]

Sun. 11/6

Fun Fun Fun Fest at Auditorium Shores (950 W. Riverside Dr.) [+]


Fri. 11/11

Yellowcard at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]


Thu. 12/8

The Sea and Cake at the Mohawk [a] [m] [+] [outside, 7:30pm]


Sun. 12/4

Mayhem, Keep Of Kalessin, Hate, Abigail Williams at Emo's [a] [m] [+] [outside]